Beaubleu is a parisian maison offering creative pieces in limited edition, 125 pieces only.

The elegance and experience of our automatic watches shape a new vision of time.

The Beaubleu Collection

Beaubleu B01 watch - Le Lumineux
Le Lumineux
Beaubleu B01 watch - Le Mystérieux
Le Mystérieux
Beaubleu B01 watch - Le Survolté
Le Survolté
Beaubleu B01 watch - Le Dynamique
Le Dynamique

Through a unique hand signature and way to assemble the case, our “limited edition only” present a significant watchmaking and reading innovation.


Each piece contains an automatic movement certified by experts to be among the best for its quality and reliability.

Numerous international specialists take part in actions during its production process to guarantee a high-end work at a fair price.

About us

Beaubleu watch hands
Beaubleu watch hands


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Beaubleu B01 watch - Le Survolté