Beaubleu B01 watch - Le Survolté

Beaubleu is a young French exclusive watch manufacturer based in Paris.

The refined quality and highly creative design of our self-winding watches offer a novel experience, a technical prowess and a unique perception of time.

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A poetic read

Inspired from Galileo’s work, the circular hands breath new life into the watch and give it an authentic personality through a pioneering reading, highlighting the beauty of the kinetic movement.

In order to give more depth to the watch, each Beaubleu is provided with a refined dial made of several levels hosting an engraving from luxury watchmaking. The B01 model features a subtly grooved surface playing with the light, introducing the chromed bracket of the hour markers and reveals its character.

Beaubleu B01 watch - Le Survolté

Dare to be creative

The heart of the watch is located in a setting with a finely curved bezel. The ensemble is surrounded by hitherto unseen horns, thus giving to the Beaubleu timepiece the aspect of a crafted jewel.

Beaubleu B01 watch - Le Survolté

A refined detail

Fruit of an innovative assembly, this composition exalts the sculptural creativity of the watch, which one offers a wide range of colours. Thanks to its Swiss development, Beaubleu B01 is a watch of an elegant design – 9,4 mm / 0,35 inch thick – procuring a high degree of wearer comfort thanks to well-mastered proportions.

Beaubleu B01 watch - Le Survolté
Beaubleu watch hands


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Beaubleu B01 watch - Le Survolté