Women’s watches – trends 2023

Fashion tools par excellence, women’s watches are on trend. Over the years, they have become accessories offering a touch of sophistication and style, and can be adapted to any outfit. In the light of technological and stylistic innovations, let’s take a look at the 2023 trends for women’s watches.

A trend that lives and breathes

As our civilization evolves, so do our consumption patterns. The designs of 2023 are more minimalist and streamlined than ever. However, the materials used are more natural, with greater use of mother-of-pearl and marble.

Finally, a watch is no longer necessarily intended to be worn only by one gender. We are seeing a strong emergence of unisex watches from many prestige watchmakers, especially since women’s watches have become a trend.

Beaubleu Paris Brio Emerald Green automatic watch limited edition made in France lady

The environment, an imperative even for watches

Another very strong trend is to limit the carbon impact of consumption.
A watch, even a mechanical one, emits CO2 during the manufacturing process. As the world becomes more aware of these issues, brands are taking them on board and developing “Low Carbon” watches. These watches are made from recycled or sustainable materials. Women’s watches are trendy and ecological!

The other trend for women’s watches in 2023 is the emergence of second-hand or second wrist watches. Many luxury brands have launched restoration services to give watches a second lease of life.

The ecological emergency is here to stay, and watchmakers have clearly understood that they have a role to play. By working on these themes, they have strongly influenced this year’s women’s watch trends. Ecological and natural materials, all offered in a streamlined design – this seems to be the credo of the 2023 trend. Whether you want a women’s watch to add a touch of elegance or to keep up with the times, the 2023 trends are for you.