Why wear a watch?

For some people, a watch is a gadget, a superfluous object that’s easy to do without. Beyond the investment that a beautiful, authentic watch represents, it is the very utility of this object that is called into question. A watch has many uses, as you will discover in this article.

Because it’s an elegant ornament

Whether you’re a man or a woman, a watch is one of the most beautiful adornments you can wear. For women, it’s sometimes even more important than other jewelry.

For men, a watch is a piece of jewelry, whereas for women, they can be rarer. Sometimes it’s the only piece of jewelry a man will or can wear.

Because it’s a social marker

Wearing a watch for men is also a way of showing off your success, especially if it’s a fine watch from a great watchmaker, and if it’s made of precious metals and stones, or has a unique mechanism and complications. If you want to show your prosperity in your professional environment or give an impression of seriousness and success to your interlocutors, wearing a beautiful watch can greatly help you to do so.

For the love of art and technique

Watches are true works of art, but they are also examples of great technical skill and mastery of numerous arts, such as metallurgy, engraving, precision mechanics or even leatherwork in the case of a watch with a leather strap. Wearing men’s watches is therefore a proof of love for the great heritage of watchmaking.

Because it’s more elegant to look at the time on your watch

For many, the advent of smartphones would make watches obsolete objects. But it’s clear that looking at the time on your watch, rather than pulling out a big, bulky smartphone every time, is far more elegant and refined.

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