Christmas is fast approaching and it’s the perfect time to think about gifts!
Today, one of the most important jewels in our wardrobes is without a doubt the watch. Quartz, mechanical or automatic, which woman’s watch to choose ?

The different types of watches to offer for Christmas

Whatever your gender, it is important to pay attention to the way a watch works. Indeed, it can be quartz, mechanical or automatic, and it is sometimes difficult to make a choice.

Quartz watches are probably the most common. Their operation relies mainly on a battery that is integrated into the watch. This gives us a lot of advantages, especially the accuracy of the time. Clearly, the mechanism will not cause any shift or loss of seconds. In addition, thanks to a mechanism small format, this type of watch can offer frames thin enough.

Mechanical watches, on the other hand, are the oldest timepieces. They are based on a manual winding mechanism. No batteries are required for its proper functioning. However, it is quite laborious to find a mechanical watch at an affordable price. It is a manufactured work that can take several months to complete. 

As for automatic watches, they are based on the same concept as mechanical watches, but do not need to be wound manually. Thus, this confers several advantages :

  • There is no need for a battery or to wind the mechanism to ensure the proper functioning of the watch
  • The movement and quality of these watches are generally impeccable
  • This type of watch is known to last from generation to generation

This information is crucial to help you choose a watch for women or for men. 

Beaubleu Union collection Brio Vermilion Red circular hands automatic watch made in France

Why is a Beaubleu watch good for a woman?

In order to choose a watch for women, the main criterion is undoubtedly aesthetics.

It is not necessary for a woman’s watch to be adorned with rhinestones, diamonds or other precious stones. However, a watch with a feminine look must be sober. A woman’s watch should be wearable in everyday life as well as at a reception or an important event.

One of the other essential criteria is undoubtedly the thickness of the watch. In fact, a woman’s watch should not look too big. Therefore, the thickness of the case must be less than a centimeter.

The last important thing about choosing a watch is the movement. Some people want what is called a “real watch”. When these words are spoken, mechanical and automatic watches are meant and more and more women want to own one.

Beaubleu Paris offers mixed watches that appeal to women. With its unique design adorned with round hands and a reduced case thickness (9.4 mm), it will suit both men and women. In addition, the watches we make are equipped with a precise and durable automatic movement.
For a Christmas gift, the watch Olympe in white alabaster that you find in illustration of this article is a sure value that will delight its recipient.