What type of watch suits your personality?

The automatic men’s watch is much more than just a practical object for telling the time. It’s also an aesthetic ornament and a reflection of the wearer’s personality. Whether you’re a sportsman, an elegant man, an artist at heart or a nature lover, you can always find the watch that suits you best, whatever your personality.

The watch for sportsmen

Men’s automatic watches also come in sporty models. It’s the perfect watch for men in whose lives sport plays an important role. This type of watch is generally made of synthetic materials such as plastic, but it is not lacking in elegance. It can be worn both during and outside sports sessions, as long as it is discreet and elegant.

The watch for nature lovers

If you’re a nature lover, you may be tempted by watches made from natural or recycled materials. In fact, there are many models made from wood or incorporating natural elements such as stone. These watches are becoming increasingly fashionable, as they respond to a growing consumer need to respect and protect nature.

Which watch for an artist?

The strength of the automatic men’s watch is that it comes in many styles, and there are a large number of models to match an artist’s personality. The vintage watch, often made by a little-known or forgotten watchmaker, may be perfect for this type of personality. Themed watches featuring inscriptions, motifs or drawings of musical instruments or works of art are also numerous.

Which watch for a geek?

If you’re a computer, technology or science-fiction enthusiast, you’ll be happy with a connected watch. But choosing this type of watch doesn’t necessarily mean giving up the elegance and charm of more classic timepieces. More and more of the world’s leading watchmakers are starting to produce connected watches that combine the cutting-edge technology of smartwatches with the finishing and aesthetic appeal of automatic watches.