What to do if you break the dial of your watch ?

Whether it’s a new or old watch, we always feel a certain attachment to it. When, through clumsiness or misfortune, it falls or hits an object with sufficient force, the glass that protects the dial may break or crack. When such a shock occurs, the watch’s mechanisms may have been affected, which is why it is urgent to have the dial of your watch repaired.

Have a watch face repaired by the brand’s after-sales service

Faced with such an event in the life of your watch, contacting the manufacturer should be the first reflex. Here, the objective is to obtain a first diagnosis and an estimate of the repair.

If you are satisfied with the amount of the estimate, you can engage with the brand’s after-sales service, otherwise you will have to turn to other solutions.

Have the dial of your watch repaired by a watchmaker

If you feel that the brand’s estimate is too high in relation to the repairs to be done, you can call in a specialist watchmaker. 

The latter, like the brand’s after-sales service, will examine your watch and offer you a repair estimate. Do not hesitate to consult several specialists if you want to refine the amount of the repairs. 

However, remain vigilant on the professionalism and seriousness of the specialist.

Repairing a watch yourself

If you have a repair kit and also have the skills to perform this type of maintenance, do not hesitate, it is what will cost you the least. However, be careful, if your watch is still under warranty, it will be cancelled. A watch being a jewel of precision and technology, such an attempt is risky.

When you break the dial of your watch, the best solution is to contact the after-sales service of the brand. The delays can be long, but you have the guarantee of a job well done. And when you love your watch, it is worth the best maintenance.

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