What kind of watch to wear with a dress?

A watch can be your favorite fashion accessory. It’s with you every day, at work and at play. It also goes with every style and every garment, especially dresses. But you have to choose wisely.

Which watch goes with an evening dress?

If you’re wearing an evening dress, choose an automatic ladies’ watch, preferably with a metal bracelet. For evening wear, a gold or gold-plated bracelet is perfectly feasible, and even recommended, as are other variations in silver or steel. You can also wear a watch with a small dial and a leather strap, but only if the colors and style match your outfit. For an evening dress, it’s best to keep it simple and classic.

Which watch to wear with a casual dress?

A casual dress can be worn to work, out with friends or for a family meal. It’s easy to wear, which makes it easier to choose a ladies’ automatic watch to go with it. For these dresses, you have more choice. You can, of course, opt for very feminine watch models, with a small round dial and a thin leather strap. But more modern, even sporty watches can also do the trick.

Which watch to wear with a summer dress

Summer dresses are light, airy, usually colorful, flowery and sometimes even slightly transparent. With this type of dress, choose a women’s automatic watch reminiscent of nature and the summer season. Dials incorporating natural elements such as wood or rock are perfect for such dresses. Whenever possible, choose a light-toned watch with a light-colored strap. You can even try a pastel blue or light pink strap.