What is the difference between an automatic and a quartz watch ?

There are two distinct families of watches whose characteristics will make all the difference on your wrist. With an automatic watch and a quartz watch, there are two schools of thought. Between automatic and manual winding, let’s clarify this together.

Automatic watches, excellence for enthusiasts

These are the most popular models among watch enthusiasts. The reputation of the automatic watch is now well established. With the simple movement of the wrist, the watch winds itself without requiring energy via a battery or other battery. Whether you wear it daily or more exceptionally, kinetic energy remains the main ally of this mechanical beauty.

Without electronic components, owners of automatic watches prefer these models to take full advantage of a frame decorated with atypical movement hands.

Overall, these intricate accessories are considered above all an elegant piece of jewelry that will endure over time. 

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Quartz watches, reliability at the tip of the hands

Although they are often disparaged by enthusiasts of exceptional watches, quartz watches remain the most popular. Generally within the reach of all pockets, quartz watches are often the most attractive.

Thanks to the simple impulse of a battery and a fine quartz plate, the hands ensure an incomparable regularity and fluidity.

Less fragile and smaller in size, they have been seductive since their commercialization in the late sixties. Unfortunately, this relatively recent technology puts aside entirely the know-how of the watchmakers. This is why this category of watches is not recommended as a gift for an enthusiast and will not be worn by connoisseurs.

Moreover, with a quartz watch, a more regular revision is required. First of all, because the batteries have a limited life span and the mechanism of these watches does not stand the test of time. Where a mechanical watch will only require a check-up ideally every five years, it is recommended to take a quartz watch to the watchmaker every two years.

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