How to choose your first watch ?

With the multitude of options available, it is often difficult to choose your first watch. Between the watch mechanism, the design, the size or the material of the strap, here are some tips to make the right choice.

Clockwork of the first watch

Before you start looking for your first watch, it is important that you first define the type of watch you want. As part of this, consider the type of movement, which is the mechanism that powers the watch. The mechanisms offered are mainly mechanical, quartz and automatic.

Automatic watches are the most interesting, in that they have an attractive design and are quite durable. Apart from that, these watches work without batteries, which makes them much more convenient.

The style of your first watch

Many styles of watches are available. You can choose from :

  • The classic watch ;
  • The vintage watch ;
  • The watch with watch complications ;
  • The diving watch ;
  • The military watch, etc.

Each of these options offers a specific advantage. However, the classic watch is always appreciated. In addition to matching all styles of clothing by offering elegance and endurance, it guarantees a good autonomy.

The size of the watch

The size of the first watch is one of the most important criteria to take into account when choosing a watch. It is important to choose a model that fits properly on your wrist. To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is best to try the watch on before you buy or use a size guide when you buy your watch online.

Which bracelet to choose ?

Once you have set all the above parameters, the next step is to choose the type of bracelet. Here again, there are many possibilities. There are bracelets made of plastic, leather, steel, gold, platinum, etc. It all depends on your personal preferences. In any case, a leather bracelet can fulfill all your expectations.