Watch and suit: how to choose the right strap?

Finding the right watch straps isn’t always easy, especially when your outfit is a suit. And for good reason, with this type of clothing, it can be complicated to find the right accessories to sublimate your outfit without distorting it. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right strap for your watch.

The importance of choosing the right watch straps to match your suit

If you wear a suit, it’s certainly for a special occasion or because you want to look elegant. Consequently, the watch straps you choose must go perfectly with your look. Choosing the wrong bracelet can completely distort your style.

With a suit, choose an elegant watch

A suit is a chic and very elegant piece of clothing, which means that your watch should be in the same style. So forget sporty or imposing watches. Your watch should sublimate and enhance your outfit. Ideally, with a suit, neutral and sober watches are ideal, but you can also choose a model with a touch of fantasy.

Choose the right strap color for your suit

Apart from the watch’s design, the color of the strap is also a very important criterion. To match a suit, it’s best to choose sober shades such as black, brown or dark blue. When it comes to materials, leather takes precedence over all others, as it adds sophistication to your outfit.

When wearing a suit, you should choose an elegant watch with a bracelet in shades that are not too flashy. That said, you can still add a touch of whimsy to the dial, for example.

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