Different Types of Watch Hands

Watch hands are a key element of watch mechanisms, with their shapes and styles varying significantly from one timepiece to another. There are different types of watch hands, each with its own history and purpose.

Baton Hands

Baton hands are the most common and oldest type. They have an elongated stick shape, often used in pocket watches and wristwatches. Baton hands are also frequently employed in sports watches and dive watches for enhanced visibility.

Dauphine Hands

Dauphine hands gained popularity in the 1950s. They have a dolphin-like shape, with a narrow tip and a broader base. Dauphine hands are often utilized in luxury watches and classic timepieces for their elegance.

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Leaf Hands

Leaf hands have a leaf-shaped form, with a fine tip and a wider base. They are commonly found in high-end horology and branded watches, valued for their finesse and refinement. Leaf hands can also be customized with precious materials like gold or platinum to add an extra touch of luxury to the watch.

Circular or Balloon Hands

The Maison Beaubleu’s hands. Often overlooked by the watch industry, our hands result from profound design research. They offer a different way of telling time, more poetic and narrative. Typically, hands indicate a direction, but for us, they mark a moment, an instance that becomes uniquely yours. Our hands dance and twirl, creating a moving graph that surprises you with every passing moment.

In conclusion, the various types of watch hands each have their own history and purpose. Baton hands are the most common and oldest, Dauphine hands are often seen in luxury and classic watches, while Leaf hands are utilized in high-end horology and branded timepieces. The shape and style of watch hands can vary significantly, so it’s important to consider this aspect when purchasing a watch. By choosing a watch with hands that best suit your style and needs, you can ensure a satisfying purchase for many years to come. And remember, watch hands are a crucial element of watch mechanisms, so taking good care of them is essential for ensuring proper functioning of your timepiece.