The dials : the green watch, symbol and manufacture

Green has made a strong comeback in recent years in the world of watchmaking! The watch is usually equipped with a white, black or even blue dial, but the green watch now stands out from the crowd: endowed with great originality, all-purpose and intriguing color loaded with symbols such as hope, luck and especially prosperity.

Colors throughout history

Throughout the 20th century, it is easy to find a predominant color according to the different periods. The beginning of the century is marked by the absolute dominance of the white dial, sometimes enamelled, on models that it is easy to find today, sometimes in a remarkable state.

A few years later, gold and silver tones appeared to enhance the white, without other dial colors making their appearance. It was not until the middle of the 20th century that colored dials appeared on wrists!

Nowadays, and for some years now, colored dials have been daring in sometimes surprising shades: bright red, light blue or even emerald green. We are one of the watchmaking companies that dare to use color to best meet your expectations! Why not dare the green watch ?

The green watch, color of hope

Green, and more specifically emerald green, has been selected in our workshops to give a deep hue to our dials. Emerald green gives a sunny color to the dial, which can capture the light perfectly. This color perfectly matches the design worn by our house for our different collections. Depending on the style you want to wear, find the green watch that suits you.

Very trendy at the moment, the green dial watch can say a lot about you. You cultivate a certain mystery, but are still assertive in everything you do. By wearing a green watch, you are not afraid to wear a color that reminds you of spring and beautiful days.