Beaubleu manifesto


Time is ticking, we are the “enfants terribles” of the watchmaking industry, moved by boldness, curiosity, insolence and many other creative qualities. We challenge the status-quo of the classical watchmaking by combining innovation and design. By a perception of time off the frame, our models offer an artistic, poetic and novel horologist expressiveness.

The Beaubleu universe will surprise you with deep emotion by transforming time as your own time.

The firm’s name is inspired by Baudelaire’s quote : “The beautiful is always strange” . This oddity is translated as a singularity which tends to emancipate itself from the classical nomenclatura. At the origine of a great amount of movements in fashion, art and literature, Paris holds the bleu as a symbolic colour and share this Baudelairean view. It is in this way that this Parisian singularity is translated into Beaubleu.

Beaubleu watch hands


Founded by a team of both experts and watch lovers, the Beaubleu Company is the result of a collaboration between a designer and an entrepreneur from the Millennials. While Nicolas Pham is a specialist in car and watch design trained in the Luxury industry between Zurich and Paris, Emmanuel Georgy is a brand strategy consultant trained in Tech and Fashion. They decided together to disrupt the watch experience.

Beaubleu manifesto

The Beaubleu Adventure

After many years of work, the Beaubleu B01 has been presented in a parisian art gallery on December 17. During this event, numerous passionates and experts discovered our four limited edition models – each including 125 pieces numbered from 1 to 125 by product model – never seen before. Other events in locations still kept secret will happen in 2018…One thing is certain, surprise will be there and we will be expecting you.