Beaubleu manifesto


Time is ticking, we are the “enfants terribles” of the watchmaking industry, moved by boldness, curiosity, insolence and many other creative qualities. We challenge the status-quo of the classical watchmaking by combining innovation and design. By a perception of time off the frame, our models offer an artistic, poetic and novel horologist expressiveness.

The Beaubleu universe will surprise you with deep emotion by transforming time as your own time.

The firm’s name is inspired by Baudelaire’s quote : “The beautiful is always strange” . This oddity is translated as a singularity which tends to emancipate itself from the classical nomenclatura. At the origine of a great amount of movements in fashion, art and literature, Paris holds the bleu as a symbolic colour and share this Baudelairean view. It is in this way that this Parisian singularity is translated into Beaubleu.

Beaubleu watch hands


Created by a team of watchmaking experts and enthusiasts, the Beaubleu House is the result of a collaboration between a designer and an entrepreneur.

In 2017, we presented our first collection in an Art gallery in the heart of Paris. Composed of four unique models in limited edition, the B01 collection created the surprise and the interest of all of you.

This year opens new doors for Beaubleu, especially with the launching of our new universal collection called Union. Composed of two lines with strong personalities, this collection breaks the frontiers between genders and is made for men and women. And, of course, the collection is a limited edition of 500 numbered piece per model.

The Beaubleu CLUB

Beaubleu is not just a story of watches. Indeed, we were bored of the “you buy and bye bye” customer experience. By creating Beaubleu, we wanted to build a unique and confident relationship with our Ambassadors (the way we call our clients), more than just about the watchmaking, thanks to our common passions such as the art, the design and the craftsmanship. Then, the watch is more than a jewel and becomes a pass for all our events (exhibitions, concerts, etc…) and it gives access to privileges like the cocreation of the future collections.


Specialized in car design and luxury products, Nicolas Ducoudert Pham is known thought his work for the great Houses of the Place Vendôme. Animated by the wish of creating products which tell a story, he joined start-up and big companies in the innovation and luxury before co-founding the Beaubleu House.


Beaubleu’s signature, our circular hands are inspired by Galileo’s works. They give a strong personality to our watches and propose a poetic reading of the time by highlighting the beauty of the kinetic movement.

When the other hands show a direction, the circular hands indicate a location. During their run, the hands twirl to create a moving graphisme.

Beaubleu Union collection circular hands automatic watch Klein Blue Brio