Top 5 original watch designs

In a world where the luxury watch market is booming, it’s often difficult to break away from the common model. Indeed, many watch cases look the same and differ only in certain respects. Other models, more avant-garde than others, try to stand out from the crowd and make men’s watches original.

When circles replace hands

The hand, which precisely indicates the time, is not the benchmark for all case models. In fact, some brands prefer to innovate and showcase other ways of telling the time on their timepieces. For example, all models from Maison Beaubleu feature concentric circles of remarkable precision, bringing a certain grace and voluptuousness to the case.

Original men’s watches: magnets

Another innovative technique in the world of watchmaking is the use of magnets. Two concentric circles are placed in the center, one for reading the hour and the other for the minutes. A system of magnets ensures precise time-keeping, and the balls floating on their axis appear to be planets gravitating in their orbit.

Futuristic models

Other models of original men’s watches are more futuristic. For those who appreciate science fiction, some rectangular cases feature red LEDs which, via a sophisticated mechanism, tell the time. Luminous signals indicate the change of hour or minute.

Still in a rather futuristic style, some brands prefer to reverse the system. Instead of the hand turning on its axis, the dial rotates around the hand, which remains fixed.

Last but not least, some automatic watches feature a refined aesthetic. All parts not required for the mechanism have been removed, leaving only the hands and dial on the case. As the case is transparent, the entire mechanism is visible, giving it a special charm.

In conclusion, the most prestigious avant-garde brands seek to create and innovate to invent the watch of tomorrow. These top 5 original men’s watches offer a glimpse into the future of the watchmaking world, where today’s watch will become tomorrow’s vintage look.