The start of our patina leather watch straps with the Sibra workshop

Following a meeting at the workshop with Yoann Simon, we wanted to share with you the vision of the craftsmanship and know-how of our patina leather straps by the Sibra workshop through a short interview.

Sibra is a French workshop with unique know-how in the field of leather watch straps. We collaborate with them to create our handmade patina leather straps between Besançon and Paris. The Sibra factory first provides us with the leather strap. Its patina is then entirely handmade in the Beaubleu workshop in Paris.

What is the history of the Simon family in the Sibra company and what is your role in the workshop?

Gérard and Isabelle Simon have created the workshop in 1990 in Besançon. This workshop is entirely dedicated to luxury productions and special orders. The factory is constantly working with leather, in particular with leather goods and hand-made watch straps. I am in charge of commercial and product development since 2013 in the factory. In the future, I also have the long-term objective of taking over the family business.

What is the specificity of Sibra’s know-how?

Excellence is at the heart of our approach and therefore of our know-how. This concern for the smallest detail makes our leather watch straps exceptional. We are constantly training, innovating, equipping ourselves with the most modern tools, and creating optimal working conditions to constantly push back the boundaries of excellence. Our mission is to surprise you! This desire, which was instilled at the beginning of Sibra’s existence, has enabled us to establish ourselves, develop, and be recognized by the players in the watchmaking market.

What is craftsmanship for you and how does it fit into your job?

Our business is at the confluence of leather goods and watchmaking. This is where Excellence is born, the alchemy of exceptional manual skills, the precision of high-tech equipment, creativity, the selection of materials, the perpetual research for aesthetics, and optimal comfort.

For the Sibra workshop, craftsmanship is above all a skillful blend of skilled hands, high technology, and noble materials. To ensure that this alchemy continues to work overtime, we have implemented a sustainable development strategy. We believe that the values of craftsmanship are the best way to meet this challenge.

What values do you seek to convey through your work?

Through my work, I try to put forward some values such as the perpetual search for excellence but also the development and transmission of know-how which are major in our industry.

What is your relationship with time?

As Aristotle would say, “Time is the number of motion”. In other words, movement induces the existence of time, and therefore, if there were no movement, there would be no time.

What is your maxim?

The maxim of the workshop is that we are your best link to time.

Beaubleu cognac patina leather strap handmade in France limited edition with olympe automatic watch

Now that you know a little more about the Sibra manufacture, the place of craftsmanship in their work, and their know-how, you can find our handmade patinated straps available on our website exclusively in limited edition.

Wishing you wonderful hours,

The Beaubleu team