The different automatic watch movements

When buying a new watch, what usually attracts the most attention is how it looks and feels on the wrist. We often forget about the movement, the mechanics that drive the hands of the watch to tell you the time. Apart from ETA and Rota, the Miyota movement is a favorite among watch lovers because of its precision and accuracy.

What is an automatic watch movement ?

An automatic watch is a mechanical watch for which manual winding is unnecessary. The automatic movement is powered by the natural energy created by the wearer’s movements.

At Beaubleu, our goal is to make our brand synonymous with quality, which is why we have chosen to equip our collection with the Miyota movement.

How does an automatic watch movement work ?

An automatic watch is wound using the kinetic energy of the person wearing it.

In more detail, here is how this type of movement works:

  • A metal rotor is added to the manual parts of the watch;
  • the rotor is connected to the movement and is free to rotate;
  • with each movement of the wearer’s wrist, the resulting energy is transferred to the mainspring;
  • the mainspring is then wound up.

Why choose a watch with a Miyota movement ?

Miyota takes everything that is good about the basic quartz watch movement and makes it even better. Here are some of the benefits that Miyota watch movements offer you :

High precision manufacturing

Beaubleu automatic watches are built with original parts manufactured by Miyota itself, which allows the company to perform high quality control.

Miyota movement: a long life

In addition to their high quality, these watches have a long life span. A longer battery means less maintenance for your watch.

Valuable watches

Beaubleu watches offer you quality, while remaining affordable. So don’t hesitate, get your watch from Beaubleu. Different models of watches are available for sale, with interchangeable straps.