The Beaubleu Club : creating a strong relationship with our community

By creating the Beaubleu Club, we wanted to build a real community around our House. Today, the goal remains the same : federate our ambassadors.

A concept created by us, and made for you

Beaubleu is not a company whose unique objective is to sell a maximum of watches without consideration. At the opposite, we were tired of classic customer services without any follow-up or humanity towards their customers. Then, we thought of a concept that could break this hierarchy between the enthusiasts and the brand.

First of all, we wished to concretize this passion which animates you by creating the Club. And finally, you became Ambassador by yourself. Through this status, you convey the Beaubleu’s image in your everyday life while belonging to a real community of watch enthusiasts but not only…

The interest of this union is to be able to share our common passions such as art, design, crafts or culture in a more general sense, through a trustful relationship which is essential to us.

The advantages of the Beaubleu Club for our ambassadors

I think you understood the thing, the Club is only reserved for Beaubleu’s Ambassadors. In order to be an Ambassador, it is necessary to own at least one creation of the House.

An Ambassador, member of the Club, has access to a space that is entirely dedicated to him/her. Thanks to this area, he will be informed in preview concerning our new collections and future collaborations. Moreover, they will have the opportunity to co-create and give their opinion about the next collections with the designer of our watches. Each member of the Club is going to be invited to events in collaboration with the brand such as exhibitions, private event.

Beaubleu Paris dual time Vitruve GMT Blue round hands automatic watch on man's wrist

More than a watch, a Club … So see you soon! 

Dear ambassadors, new products are on their way. For the most curious, do not hesitate to contact us at

Wishing you wonderful hours.