How to take care of your leather bracelet ?

It’s back to work time, time for resolutions. To stop smoking, to get back into sport, to stop buying things we don’t need, and many others. Resolutions that won’t last very long, of course. But when you go back to work, you’ll also see that the watch is back on your wrist (for those who put it aside during the summer and the holidays). So we have a great resolution for you: take care of your leather bracelet.

Watches and their leather bracelet

As you know, our watches are universal – so these words apply to all of you, men and women – and are dressed with a leather strap that brings elegance and comfort.
However, after some time, the strap can get dirty, especially because of micro-dust, contact with our skin and other handling.
In order to prolong the happiness of the first days, we are going to give you some advice on the maintenance of your bracelet.

taking care of your patina leather bracelet for circular hands automatic watches Beaubleu Paris

Our tips to take care of your leather bracelet

  • Avoid bending the leather

A watch band can be put on and taken off the wrist. It is therefore essential not to bend the strap. Every sudden movement is an aggression for the strap, and it is by these repeated aggressions that the leather gets damaged. Remember that leather is a noble and fragile material, so treat it with consideration, gentleness and delicacy.

  • Avoid humidity

Water, alcohol (who has never had a drink spilled on them?), sweat and other liquids or simply damp elements are not really friends of leather. So let’s avoid the pool, the sea or simply sports. However, no one is safe from unforeseen events, in which case, leave your bracelet to dry in a dry place.

  • Leather needs to be nourished

Leather is a living material, which evolves over time. Just like our skin, it needs to be nourished to prevent it from drying out and cracking. Our little tip? A dab of Saphir Universal Cream from time to time. Otherwise, another nourishing leather cream will do the trick.

  • Change your bracelet regularly

One last piece of advice to prolong your shared happiness, don’t hesitate to vary your pleasures and alternate between different bracelets. We have a selection of bracelets that you can change quickly at home 😉

With all these tips, you should be able to preserve your bracelet for some time, and above all, if you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to ask us!

All the Beaubleu team wishes you wonderful hours for this new working year !