For a few days, for general health, we are encouraged to stay at home. But no worries, life is still going on and more than ever the Beaubleu adventure so. As you may know, our new Union Collection has highlighted some innovations such as the second’s hand, the lume, and the blued steel hands. And we will talk about these last ones.

The blued steel hands in the Union collection.

You can see them on some models like the Olympe and the Intrepide, they are easily recognizable with their blue shades. We have chosen them to twirl on our dial because they give poetry – as we are always looking for – contrast – you can find it in every detail of our watches – and readability – their blued shade stays discrete to be more focused on the reading of time.

Today, more used for the aesthetics of our watches, the blued steel hands used to have specific usefulness.

The blued steel hands and its traditional technic

Let’s go back a few decades ago, we can say the Before War period. The steel hands were flame blued to reduce the sensitivity of the metal against the corrosion. But what process do we use? It is quite simple – depending on your knowledge and experience of course – the blued color is obtained thanks to a temperature rise process. First, we heat red the steel and then we steep it to increase its resistance. Then, we heat it again at a specific temperature. If it is not heated enough, we will have yellow shade, if the temperature is too high, we’ll obtain a purple shade.

Beaubleu Paris Olympe iconic automatic watch limited edition made in France

Here we are, you know all about our blued steel hands and the contrasts they give to our timekeeper while conserving the best reading of time possible. Each variation given by these hands extends the discovery of your watch and these surprises unfold by the everyday light. For us – and for you too – each detail counts, then it seemed important to us, and useful, to tell you these “small” information about our circular hands.

Even if the actual period in France is not the best ever, we will keep writing every week about our watch and our universe.

We wish you wonderful hours,

Take care and stay safe.

The Beaubleu Team

As you know, the clock is a remarkable invention that allows us to know the hour when we want. It gives us the opportunity to position precisely an event in the time. Yet, did you know that for centuries, pocket watches were the most used timepieces. So how did the wristwatch become so popular?

The emergence of another type of watch during wartime

For men, wristwatch was considered inferior to pocket watches. Why? Effeminate, subject to rust and known for their fragility, the wristwatch was not made for a gentleman day. Moreover, the mechanism of the latter was too far and small to show a precise time. And you will surely ask how their mind changed ?

During the 19th century, soldiers needed to coordinate their attacks by using their watches. It became quite difficult to ride properly his horse, manipulate his weapon and look at his pocket watch at the same time. To overcome these problems, a thick leather strap with a hollow surface made its first appearance. However, once the battles were done, the watches returned to the pockets of their owners.

The wristwatch finally accepted by morals

the wristwatch, an essential element during wartimes which became a fashion accessory today (Survolté)

During the First World War, the timing and the clarity of the informations was one of the strongest the key of success. It was important for every soldier to have quick access to the time. English watchmakers decided to manage their production to move from a pocket to bracelet format. Their Swiss neighbors, mastering the smallest movements, found the transition to wristwatches easy while overshadowing the English industry.

The wristwatch became an essential element during these periods of war. It also became a popular male accessory among European civilians, and it did not change. Surprised to see the English people wearing effeminate accessories, the Americans quickly adopt this new trend : the wristwatch. The rise of the latter during this period signs the end of pocket watches. And this is why today you dont wear a pocket watch anymore.

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