For a few days, for general health, we are encouraged to stay at home. But no worries, life is still going on and more than ever the Beaubleu adventure so. As you may know, our new Union Collection has highlighted some innovations such as the second’s hand, the lume, and the blued steel hands. And we will talk about these last ones.

The blued steel hands in the Union collection.


You can see them on some models like the Olympe and the Intrepide, they are easily recognizable with their blue shades. We have chosen them to twirl on our dial because they give poetry – as we are always looking for – contrast – you can find it in every detail of our watches – and readability – their blued shade stays discrete to be more focused on the reading of time.

Today, more used for the aesthetics of our watches, the blued steel hands used to have specific usefulness.

The blued steel hands and its traditional technic


Let’s go back a few decades ago, we can say the Before War period. The steel hands were flame blued to reduce the sensitivity of the metal against the corrosion. But what process do we use? It is quite simple – depending on your knowledge and experience of course – the blued color is obtained thanks to a temperature rise process. First, we heat red the steel and then we steep it to increase its resistance. Then, we heat it again at a specific temperature. If it is not heated enough, we will have yellow shade, if the temperature is too high, we’ll obtain a purple shade.

Here we are, you know all about our blued steel hands and the contrasts they give to our timekeeper while conserving the best reading of time possible. Each variation given by these hands extends the discovery of your watch and these surprises unfold by the everyday light. For us – and for you too – each detail counts, then it seemed important to us, and useful, to tell you these “small” information about our circular hands.

Even if the actual period in France is not the best ever, we will keep writing every week about our watch and our universe.

We wish you wonderful hours,

Take care and stay safe.

The Beaubleu Team

You couldn’t miss it, our babies are out, and we did not expect this frenzy about the new collection! The excitement aside, I wanted to take a few minutes to talk to you about the story of the Union Collection. This part is the first step about the design process of the house before the launching (very expected) of the pre-orders.

The coherency

A few months ago, someone asked me: “so how is going to be the new collection?”. I knew people were expecting a lot from this new creation, and I asked myself: How to offer more surprise and keeping at the same time the Beaubleu’s identity? Who will go these watches to? How to integrate the community’s expectations? Such a hard work…

However, before putting down my first thoughts, I strolled in Paris… From the antique stores to the design gallery and the 11th district restaurants, I was looking for a main thread for the entire collection.

It was the moment to fin the coherency.

I imagined this watch like an interior. From a room to another, the aspect stays because of the combination of warm and cold materials. The warmth of a wood table with a velvet sofa joined by a marble table, all these contrasts which play with our senses, for our greatest pleasure.

As often, we have the same vision as our ambassadors. The envy of giving colors was an evidence. So, what colors?  How to keep the vibrating and warm side of the interior design? I started to buy velvet and satin to find deeper colors, the ones which tell stories.

What to do with the inspiration?

Once the main thread found, it is complicated to not draw the first ideas, and keeping adding new materials, images. We test our first inspirations, to see if, with the time, we are not bored. This process is long and hard, but we cannot miss it, because if there is one thing that we don’t want, it is that we became bored. No, no and No !

After, I compiled the finale inspirations, and I mixed them: a velvet with a polished steel, a green with a Soulage painting or a grained paper. And without any drawings, the models started to appear (almost) by themselves.

Then, the inpiration step is ending, but will stay on our Studio’s wall until the end of the production.

This step has been celebrated with the team, of course, and the next day, the serious thngs were back with the step of creation.

Next week, same day, same hour, we meet for the second step of creation. We will talk about drawings and composition.

We wish you wonderful hours,

Nicolas Pham, Beaubleu’s designer

What a better exercise than making the evaluation of this passing year. The vision of time for Beaubleu depends on different elements. “A flash year” will say some of you, the others will be more like “long and tumultuous”. Anyway, it was an intensive year, full of emotions, challenges and news for our House renamed the Circular Hands House by some of you, and we are very proud.

The Beaubleu’s circular hands like to travel

As some of you already know it, we started this adventure in an Art gallery in the 10th district of Paris. We were surrounded by a community of passionate persons very interested by our pieces. We took care of preserving this relationship by staying on internet and giving the opportunity to everyone to choose his own numbered piece, but also to try the watches during private presentations.

Moreover, we couldn’t be prouder than when we heard discussions and comments about the new watch “of my boyfriend”, “of my birthday” or “my last purchase”: the Beaubleu watch.

One word, two syllables which has been known by the big department stores because of you. New opportunities came to us, being sold by renowned distributors. The success of our collaboration with Le Printemps has been fast from the first day.

Even if Beaubleu is ink in the main French cities, the watches travel around the world. They have been captured in Japan, US, Canada or Mexico.

At every hand’s location, a new way is drawn for Beaubleu and give us the possibility to grow up gradually because of strong and long-lasting relationships.

The Beaubleu Club

Les montres Beaubleu et leurs aiguilles rondes

When you received your watch, we enter the Beaubleu Club, offering you a privileged relationship with our team. The confidence permitted us to share with you our last creations (before anyone else) – from the patina aspect straps made in our Parisian workshop to the new collection. You have been very passionate and enthusiast in the common House’s elaboration. The wall of our studio is now full of your messages, congratulations and encouragement (Instagram, emails, even letters) giving us the force to always surprise you with our creations.

Beaubleu’s news for 2020

New goals, new creations. You might know it, the first limited edition collection had a great success and since a few months, I am working on drawing and designing the next pieces with the new House’s aspirations. A collection which delete the frontier between watch for men and watch for women. A collection in the continuity of Beaubleu’s strength with the adding of elegant details for always more poetry and innovation.

The important challenge for this new year is also continuing to make new relationship while keeping privileged ones with our Ambassadors. This is why Beaubleu will be presenting the new collection in February.

Then it is with pleasure and enthusiasm that the entire Beaubleu team join me to wish you wonderful hours for 2020.

Nicoals Pham-Decoudert

Designer and cofounder

Always looking for the creativity and the essential, we met Paul Jaquet, architect and founder of HAME. We had a discussion about the multidisciplinary, the creation and the time.

First time we met Paul Jaquet

Everything has started with an email sent by Paul Jaquet to have a private presentation. We met him at our office where he can observe and try our watch collection. We talked a lot and we finished talking about fascinating subjects such as the architecture, the car industry and and the craftsmanship. However, we did not have enough time, so we decided to meet again. This time we will go somewhere completely different, his architecture studio called Hame.

Paul Jaquet : between creativity and essential

The next Friday (it was in January), we were strolling in the 10th district streets, enjoying some sun. When we arrived in front of a 19th century building, Paul appeared at the entrance and invited us to pass by a small hidden door. And here, surprise! We found THE dreamed place: a real last century workshop tank under a skylight and surrounded by plants.

« No more excuse to not work well” says Paul while showing the workshop where we can smell the odour of fresh printed plans.  Blue jacket, black T-shirt, a blue jean lightly patinated, leather shoes, a Moleskine notebook and his Beaubleu watch (the Lumineux), Paul, passionate architect, welcomes us.

Beaubleu meets the architect Paul Jacquet

As a lot of us, Paul started in the biggest French companies. From an architecture price to another, the Hame agency was created. But why the architecture? For the same reason that we have created Beaubleu: to offer a new look on the civilizations while crossing the fields. What more exciting than “speaking and thinking the sociology, the culture and the philosophy in the creation”? When we look at the different works, we like to see that each project is animated by a research on the essential (no minimalism here) “of what make sense in a place”, a quest of accuracy. A sketch captures our attention: a series of lines shows a house front, we guess, but impossible to know exactly the step of construction. Paul sees us thinking of this sketch and tells us “this is the question of our life, how to finish a creation (architectural or not), August Peret used to say “the architecture is what makes beautiful ruins””. This sentence echoes the craftsman Adrien Penso when he speaks about the beauty of an object with its patina.

The architecture and the time

The architecture shares the same links concerning the time, questioning its origins and finality. For Paul Jaquet, the time is punctuated by moments of attention and others more unconscious, this is why we appreciate it, because of its relativity.

Today, Beaubleu and Paul Jaquet have the same conception of the time in the work done: to spotlight the time in its smallest details, while growing this vision. Nothing more surprising then to see a poster where it was written « Temporality and creation, its taking the time to go faster”, inspired by an old advertising slogan.

We finish the interesting morning the head full of images, inspiration and motivation to grow Beaubleu. The adventure is just starting and as said Paul “don’t forget, kill two birds with one stone!”.

We wish you wonderful hours,


Two years ago, we organized the launch of our first circular hands collection in an Art Gallery in the center of Paris. Some of you were present, and later the others have joined our universe. But no matter when you arrived because today, you are all a piece of the Beaubleu story.

Make the Time your time

Watchmaking is a world of artistic and technic innovations, we all agree. But don’t you think it kept something too traditional and “old”? Rules have never changed and today we find more and more copies of the most iconic watches. Where have the creation and the innovation gone? By creating Beaubleu, we want to offer a new vision of the time. But first, what is the time? Each answer is very personal and unique. Of course, the time is a value, yet it changes, becoming longer or shorter depending on the moment. Compare the five minutes while you wait for your train (always late) and the five minutes you take to enjoy your glass of Whisky or your favorite cake. Verdict?

 “The Beautiful is always strange”

get out of the usual codes with the Beaubleu's circular hands

I think Beaudelaire couldn’t find another sentence which match better with the identity of Beaubleu. Why do we think that something is beautiful? Let’s get out of the esthetic side. The Beautiful can be something different, the perception of what is beautiful changes for everyone. An object becomes beautiful because of an artistic and créative process , as we talked about when we met the Atelier Penso. And about the strange? Actually, we think that the strange is a singularity which tends to get out of the usual codes. For Beaubleu, our singularity must be our beloved circular hands, signature of the House.

Our watch’s circular hands

the circular hands: a different way of reading the time, more poetic and narrative

The hands, often forgotten by the watchmaking industry, are the result of deep design researches for Beaubleu. They offer a different way of reading the time, more poetic and narrative. Usually the hands show a direction however for us they mark a moment, an instant which becomes yours. Our hands dance and twirl to create a moving graphic which will surprise you every minute.

Beaubleu and its circular hands: a story of sharing

The time story of Beaubleu starts with its name and its design signature, but writing the story of its rime it’s writing the story of your time. On this way of making the time something more personal, we want to create a real relationship with you dear Ambassador. We had the pleasure to meet you and you shared with us the most private anecdotes such as the date of your wedding and your favorite Brooks. The future is full of surprises because, as you know, you can access to several events only with your watch. And last but not least, you will participate in the creation and elaboration of our next collections. Never forget, the time of Beaubleu is before all your time!

During meetings, private presentations, or even drinking at a coffee, a Beaubleu watch often catches someone’s eye. Then THE question comes: how did you come to this design? Today we want to take time to explain this step in the watch’s story to you.

The concept of the watch : from Mind to Body

Before jumping on the paper to scribble a tangle of two circles, with one shorter than the other, let’s define a concept.

inspiration beaubleu survolte aiguilles rondes BeaubleuIn general we quickly are tempted to start the design of a watch by its style: vintage, sporty, futuristic, modern… But first, we started by asking questions, such as: How will it be worn? Where will it be worn? What are the needs it must fulfill? So many questions that will sketch a strong idea without falling into the same exercise.

For Beaubleu, the main idea was the measurement of the time and its composition. It was necessary to return to the very foundation of what a watch is. With that, we have broken down the foundation in three distinct parts: the technique (the movement), the transport/ornament (lug and strap) and the reading of the time.

From there, the design of the watch came almost naturally. The body of the watch encloses the mechanical heart in a refined way to highlight the movement. The lugs attached to the straps have been worked with curves inspired by the automobile design. The dial and hands evoke the kinetic movement of the planets, the very basis of our perception of time.

Round Handed Sundial

The spirit of the watch are its dial and its hands. You have to keep in mind that you will glance at your timepiece several times a day for years. Then the design must not bored you.

The Dial

dessins des montres beaubleuThis part serves both time references (3, 6, 9 and 12 hours) and sets. Knowing that the accuracy is of the order of one micron (0.001mm), a watch dial of about 30 mm in diameter seems very quickly like a huge planet to fill. We played with graphics and relief to dress this space as an architect or a planner who identifies flows and uses. Grooving or joining of two pieces will be different depending on the direction of the consumed light, as will the material treatment depending on the ambient light.

To create a recognizable piece for you, we focused on a shape, a treatment, a color and a graphic. To be consistent with the concept of the sundial and our Galilean inspirations, we had to rethink the idea of a temporal indicator: the hands.

Every creation is a succession of goings and comings between inspiration and sketches. The B01 was not an exception. After several tests on the work of Galileo, the circular hands gradually took shape to finally become the signature of Beaubleu. The circular hands became an indicator and a moving graphic. As you can see, by crossing each other, they form an evolutionary graphic throughout the day. From the alignment of the planets to the race of the sun, it is a spectacle within reach of a wrist.

We could talk for hours and continue to share our passion for design and watchmaking. However, we invite you to contact us to discuss deeply if you want.

Wishing you wonderful hours.


Watch Sketches Beaubleu

De l’artisanat parisien à la création sur mesure, on voulait vous présenter notre dernière découverte et inspiration : L’atelier Penso. Il nous partage sa vision du temps et du travail bien aimé.

Voyage en Artisanat

Quand vous rencontrez un artisan, c’est toujours un voyage avant même d’échanger un regard. Au détour d’un café de quartier du XIXème arrondissement de Paris, vous vous faufilez derrière une porte donnant sur cette cour pavée typiquement parisienne. Vous voilà arrivé devant cette porte verte d’atelier qui dégage déjà l’odeur noble du cuir et l’huile des machines du siècle dernier. Cuir Atelier Penso Beaubleu « Salut mec » – Adrien Penso, s’avance à vous du fond de son atelier en vous tendant son poignet la main sale pour vous saluer. T-shirt noir aux manches retroussées, pantalon noir en toile, sneakers, bagues argentés et tatouages symboliques, sourire bienveillant et dégaine de titi parisien, ce n’est pas l’ancien escrimeur de haut-niveau ou même le diplômé de l’ESCP qui vous accueille mais l’artisan Adrien derrière l’Atelier Penso. Créateur maroquinier, Adrien (Penso) choisit, découpe, filete, tend, pose, calle, presse, coud, assemble le cuir haut-de-gamme qui fera naître ses sacs pour homme et femme. De l’intuition qui se dessine en idée à la pose de initiales sur un sac, Adrien veille aux moindres détails – « avec un cuir comme ça, ça doit être quali » dit ce dernier avant d’empoigner une immense peau de sous la table de découpe. Intemporel et épuré, le design de ses créations s’accompagne toujours de différentes personnalisations. Comme son porteur, le sac va vivre, se rider et se tanner pour laisser apparaître les marques du temps ; car comme Adrien le dit « le temps, c’est tant qu’on est vivant ».

Fluctuat Nec Mergitur

Travailler avec des artisans, ce n’est pas de penser à la finalité du produit mais bien à tous ces infimes petits gestes qui forgent une pièce d’exception. Parce qu’au fond qu’est ce que l’artisanat – avant d’être une discipline, c’est avant tout une philosophie où l’imagination devient réalité. Prenez une pièce de cuir ou un bloc d’acier et cela devient votre file d’Ariane de l’idée à la réalisation. Vous pouvez avoir le processus de fabrication le plus élaboré, chaque objet sera différent, unique et atypique car il est le résultat d’une humeur, d’une expertise, d’un coup de folie, d’une inattention et d’une technique. Chaque artisan dépose son souhait du travail bien fait et pour Beaubleu comme pour L’Atelier Penso, c’est d’abord une histoire du travail bien aimé. Créer des pièces d’exception véhiculant un caractère et une aspérité- car il s’agit bien de cela, tous les détails et les marques du temps vont imprégner le produit, il va s’user, se patiner, s’érafler mais nous survivra. Rien d’étonnant donc de partager cette vision commune entre Beaubleu, L’Atelier Penso et Paris :

FLUCTUAT NEC MERGITUR « battu par les flots, mais ne sombre pas »

gravure initiale Beaubleu Montre Le Lumineux sac Atelier Penso et montre BeaubleuAdrien de l'atelier Penso

Félicitations, vous êtes l’un des nouveaux heureux propriétaires d’une montre Beaubleu. Vous vous demandez sûrement comment faire pour la conserver la plus belle possible et gardez votre mécanisme en pleine forme ! (more…)