A week ago, we unveiled the latest automatic watch to be added to our Union collection, the Brio Vermilion Red. As you can see, with its curved and lacquered dial, it joins the Rive Droite line and is therefore a perfect complement to the Brio Klein Blue and Brio Emerald Green models.

What you need to know about the automatic watch Brio Vermilion Red

In reality, this last one was not really part of the program. Certainly, we had the prototype that was “hanging” on our watch shelf, and the ambassadors had seen a 3D representation during the vote for the creation of the Union collection. But we really didn’t plan to offer it anytime soon. However, the success of our pre-order campaign and the incredible support of our Ambassadors encouraged us to propose this new product a few weeks after the end of deliveries, and especially a few weeks before Christmas. Moreover, with the arrival of winter, what better color than red to bring warmth and elegance?

Let’s talk a little bit about this red because it is not just any red. We have carefully selected a vermilion red, but whose lacquer and curved shape of the dial brings carmine shades. Like its sisters, Brio Emerald Green and Brio Klein Blue, the latter has three circular hands. The minute and hour hands are covered with a Super Luminova treatment, and the second’s hand matches the color of the dial. Of course, it is also available in a limited edition of 500 pieces.

So will it be your new favorite?

Beaubleu Paris Montre automatique fran├žaise aux aiguilles rondes Brio Rouge Vermillon

A complete digital launch

Many people heard about the launch of the Union collection, an event in the heart of Paris, in an art gallery where, in addition to discovering and trying out the automatic watches in this new collection, it was possible to pre-order one’s own directly on the spot.

For the launch of the Brio Vermilion Red, as some of you know because they participated, Nicolas made a live presentation on Instagram. Why only online? Given the current situation in Paris, it seemed complicated for us to organize a big event, but it was still important to mark the occasion for this new model. So, in order to make this launch accessible to everyone, without worrying about the country, the number of guests, or other parameters, we invited ourselves to your place for a private presentation, via a Live Instagram.

This presentation allowed Nicolas to interact with you, and thus strengthen the link with the community. The welcome you gave him was most gratifying. And so, the very next day, the first enthusiasts were able to order the Brio Vermilion Red on our website.

Beaubleu Paris collection Union montre automatique aux aiguilles rondes Brio Rouge Vermillon

Now, how about discovering it and trying it out? For that, nothing could be simpler, send us a message at contact@beaubleu-paris.com to book your private presentation in Paris or in video with a member of our team, or even better, with Nicolas, our designer, and co-founder.

Wishing you wonderful hours.

Beaubleu Team