The dials of watches: the red, symbol and manufacture

The watch, both fashion accessory and essential jewel, is intended for daily use. For an object that accompanies your routine, it is therefore normal to be concerned about its aesthetics. You will watch it every day, carefully or not, since it delivers the time with precision. Focus on the red watch, symbol and manufacturing secret.

The color red: a touch of fantasy and elegance

What catches your eye above all is the dial of a watch. By going for a classic dial, black, white or gray, you take no chances. But it is also possible to opt for a little more fantasy.

So, have you thought about a red watch? The color red is strong of symbol, but it also gives a luxurious aspect. Red, the color of passion, is also the color of happiness in Japan. For big events, this intense color accompanied by white brings joy and good health. Associated with a vermilion red dial, the white hands are therefore of the most beautiful effect.

Making an exceptional piece

To obtain a deep and lasting color, a red watch from Beaubleu undergoes a precision treatment of impeccable quality. This exceptional work is carried out under the expert eye of passionate artists. Indeed, to make a red watch, it is necessary to concentrate one’s efforts on all the parts that constitute it. The dial of a watch is not only what catches the eye of the beholder, but it is also the key to the proper functioning of this elegant accessory. Once sanded, the dial is varnished or lacquered under very strict hygienic conditions: no dust must interfere. When this delicate step is finished, the inscriptions are placed, like the name of our Parisian house.

Our automatic watches are therefore dressed in their most intense colors so that you can choose the one that suits you best. If you choose a watch with a red dial or a red bracelet, you will opt for an original and creative touch.