What materials are used to make watches ?

As an art object of our daily life, watches must be both aesthetic and robust enough to withstand the small blows and hazards of everyday life. Moreover, the materials used to manufacture the watches will have a strong impact on the watch’s exterior appearance. Gold and other precious metals are particularly sought after for the dial and case.

The materials that make up the exterior of the watch

The materials used to manufacture the watches will strongly depend on the price level expected by the watchmaker. Thus, we can find steel, gold, aluminum, carbon, platinum and titanium.

As far as steel is concerned, we generally find its 316 L variant. This alloy is composed of a low carbon content, which makes this steel resistant and stainless. Its chromium content also gives it a shine that lasts over time.

Gold is used sparingly on the case, depending on the watch’s expected range.

Finally, we can take into account the quality of the glass, which can range from simple acrylic glass to sapphire glass.

The materials that make up the interior of the watch

As far as the interior of the watches is concerned, the materials are more classical since these parts are the ones that allow the mechanism to work. Brass and steel are the most robust materials and therefore have the best longevity.

In watches rather high-end, we can find some elements in gold. The objective is to display a better aestheticism and to highlight certain elements of the dial.

The materials used to manufacture watches are very diverse and differ according to the range of the watch. Thus, an entry-level watch will generally be made of brass or steel, while a high-end watch will be made of precious materials such as gold, platinum or special steels.