What to wear with a two-tone watch?

A watch is an accessory that fulfills two functions, the first, to tell you the time and the second, to beautify you. Indeed, if you have just acquired a two-tone watch for women, you will quickly realize that your choice of outfit is not trivial. That’s why we suggest different ways to wear your two-tone watch for women to highlight both of you.

Color harmony with your jewelry

First of all, it is important to take into account the colors of your other jewelry and accessories. For example, if your watch is gold and black, then you can wear gold jewelry, you will be more elegant. On the other hand, if your watch has colors close to white gold or silver, then you can wear silver jewelry, it will harmonize the colors.

Play with the colors of your outfit

Next, you can play with the colors of your outfit to make your watch stand out. If it has a black strap and a green dial, then you can wear a top or a dress in the same tones for a coordinated and harmonious style. If your watch has a particularly bright color like red and white, you can wear a sober outfit. Here, the goal will be to highlight your two-tone watch for women so that it becomes the main piece of your outfit.

In summary, to wear a women’s watch with two colors, it is important to consider the colors of your jewelry and your outfit, as well as the size of your watch. Depending on the size of your watch, you will need to adjust the size and appearance of your jewelry. With these few tips, you have all the cards to highlight your watch and present an harmonious outfit.