The power reserve on the mechanical watch

The mechanical watch, unlike the quartz watch, has less autonomy, which requires action from the user. At Beaubleu, all our watches are automatic, which requires less intervention from the owner.

Reminder : the functioning of a mechanical watch

A mechanical watch has a barrel that generates the energy necessary for the proper functioning of the watch. This energy is produced by the spring of the barrel which will try to regain its initial shape.

The force thus exerted by the spring will drive the various elements that make up the watch and move the hands.

This barrel can be recharged in two ways depending on the type of watch:

  • By a manual action, directly on the barrel.
  • by a movement of the wrist for automatic watches.
Article | mouvement Miyota 9015 VS ETA 2824

What is the power reserve of mechanical watches?

After having reviewed the functioning of a mechanical watch, we will be able to discover how the power reserve is an essential element of your watch.

The power reserve corresponds to the autonomy of your watch. It is defined by the number of cycles that your watch is capable of performing when it is wound to its maximum. Like a battery, when this reserve is empty, your watch is no longer able to function. Depending on the model, this autonomy can vary from a dozen hours to several days. For automatic watches, this reserve is generally equivalent to about forty hours.

The power reserve can be displayed on the dial of your watch. The purpose of this display is to allow you to anticipate the end of this autonomy so that the heart of your Beaubleu watch never stops beating.

Our Beaubleu watches with its latest Vitruve collection are made with the Miyota9015 movement, renowned for its reliability and robustness. They have, among other things, a power reserve of about forty hours. Do not hesitate to give in!

It was in 2017 that the house Beaubleu was founded by the designer Nicolas Ducoudert-Pham. With a desire to transcend the historical codes of watchmaking, he developed a strong brand with a distinctive element, its circular hands. The models offered by the brand are designed with noble materials that are the guarantee of the quality of the Beaubleu brand. Each collection is a limited edition.