The straps of the Union Collection have a lug pump. Thus, they are easily interchangeable without tools. The advantage of these lugs is that you will be able to change your watch strap as many times as you like, quickly and without the risk of scratching the middle of your watch.  



The folding buckle, also known as the butterfly buckle, is the new addition to the Union Collection. It consists of two hinges that are hidden when the watch is attached, thus providing security, comfort and elegance.

When you receive your watch, the buckle is only mounted on one part of the strap so as not to damage the leather. To show your deployment buckle entirely on your strap, simply follow the steps below:

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  1. To unfold the buckle, two pushers located on either side of the buckle will release the rest of the buckle once compressed.
  2. You now have a buckle made up of 3 metal bands – one is already attached to the bracelet (C), the central one (B) is the longest band where the two pushers are located, then finally the back band (A) whose end engraved with the Beaubleu logo opens like a clip.
  3. Open the small pliers by applying pressure on both sides of the workpiece. Since this part is new, the joint may be strong.
  4. Then slide this open clip along the bracelet. Insert the small metal tip into the hole corresponding to your wrist size, then close the pliers completely.

Now that your bracelet is in your size, all you have to do to close it on your wrist is to fold in order the piece A over the piece B. Press the end until you hear a click. Then fold piece C over B, making sure to pass the remaining end of the bracelet through the first loop, and finally press the clip until you hear a customer.

Now you can smile, you are a Beaubleu Ambassador !



In order to change the strap of your watch, you must have an essential tool for this easy but delicate operation: the pump remover.

Before explaining the process to you, we recommend that you take it easy and, above all, follow the various steps patiently so as not to scratch the case middle of your watch.


Or at your watchmarker’s shop

If you don’t have the right tools or if you don’t feel ready to change your watchband yourself, don’t worry. Just go to your watchmaker or simply contact us if you are in Paris. Generally, watchmakers do not charge for this operation and do it directly on the spot.