How does a mechanical watch work ?

The mechanical movement is at the very origin of the clock industry. Invented in the middle of the 15th century, this system has the advantage of infinite energy. Unlike quartz, there is no need for a battery to operate these first generation tocantes.

The workings of the mechanical watch

These timepieces with complex mechanics are driven by five elements essential to their proper functioning. The principle consists in providing a source of energy capable of activating a mechanism that will facilitate the rotation of the wheels.

The engine: it is the heart of the frame, because it will animate the spring that composes it. Tensed, it will progressively relax, which will drive the other elements and allow them to be activated.

The transmission: it is composed of several gears that are activated by the energy supplied by the spring.

The exhaust: It will regulate the energy released to prevent it from spreading too quickly.

The balance wheel: this is where the famous “tic tac” of the mechanical watch comes from. Thanks to the movement of the balance wheel, the jerky and regular circulation of the hands is assured.

The display: it is composed of the dial and the hands, which favors the visual indication of the time.

For the security of the frame, the case will encompass these five elements and the bracelet will allow to position it around the wrist of its host.

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A watch to be wound manually

A mechanical watch needs to be wound for it to work properly. Using a crown, the mechanism is wound manually until the movement is blocked. Once released, the mechanism starts again in the opposite direction thanks to the spring.

On average, a mechanical watch has an autonomy of forty hours, although some models are able to offer a much larger reserve.

Thus, it is advisable to wind this type of watch every day to ensure the good condition of the movement. Indeed, it is only during the first hours that this type of model is really precise. Beyond that, it can become progressively out of tune.

It is to remedy this problem of reliability that the models of automatic watch were born. Watch brands such as those from Beaubleu wind themselves autonomously through the movement of the wrist when worn by the owner on a daily basis.

For watch enthusiasts, manual and automatic watches are an investment for a lifetime !

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