Miyota 9015, a little story about our watche’s automatic movement

A partner turned competitor for the Swiss watch industry

Who says watch, necessarily says movement. Our watches, like many watches, have an automatic movement. The good students already have the answer, it is indeed the Miyota 9015 movement. In a previous article, we talked about our choice in comparison with a famous Swiss movement. But when we came back to it, we noticed that we never really took the time to tell you more about our Miyota 9015 movement…

Many of you are wondering why we did not choose a Swiss partner. In order to explain our choice, let’s go back in time and put some things in their context.

At the end of the 19th century, after centuries of isolation, Japan opened to international trade. The Swiss watch industry took advantage of this to transfer their watchmaking skills and train the Japanese. Originally, this process was to allow them to diversify their commercial outlets and open new markets. However, the Japanese watchmakers, who quickly became experts, began to develop the local watch industry. Subsequently, the country, which was supposed to become a partner of choice for Switzerland, quickly became a strong competitor by developing factories (including Seiko, today a giant of the watch industry).

The Miyota 9015 movement by Citizen Watch

Citizen Watch, some of you recognize this name? Indeed, today the two giants of the Japanese watch industry are Seiko and Citizen Watch Miyota.

In 1959, the Citizen Watch factory was set up in the city of Miyota in Japan. 20 years later, sales operations began, notably with introducing the 2035 caliber, its iconic model.
Subsequently, various models arrived, and finally, in 2009 the Miyota 9015 automatic movement, revolutionary development of the 8215 caliber, was introduced to the market.

The Miyota 9015 automatic movement and our watches

The story between our Beaubleu watches and the Miyota 9015 began at the birth of the circular hands house in 2017. With the launch of our first B01 collection, we placed this movement at the heart of our watches. At that time (not so long ago), it was the balance we were looking for in terms of quality and price. Today, it remains our first choice, and for other years to come.

automatic movement miyota 9015 for our Beaubleu Paris round hands watches made in France

If we now go beyond the previous criterion, it is also for its thinness that we have chosen it, allowing us to propose automatic watches with a thickness of less than 1 cm (perfect to put under a shirt or to wear with your white tee-shirt at the weekend).

We wanted to explain a little more about our Japanese movement’s (often unknown) history, the heart of our watches, and the one that drives our round hands. It’s now done, and for the most curious, go to the website of the manufacturer itself!