Men: what to wear with a black watch

The black men’s watch is a classic for men who want to be elegant and show off their style. It goes well with a wide range of outfits and can enhance any style. Here are our tips for pairing it with your outfits and accessories.

What colors should I wear with a black watch?

If you choose to wear a black watch, you also need to choose the right colors for your outfit. The first rule is that dark colors, especially for classic, formal outfits, go perfectly with a black watch. If you’re wearing a suit, you can choose deep, dark colors like gray, navy blue or even black to create an all-black look that always looks good.

However, you don’t have to be austere and monotonous if you wear a black watch. You can, of course, dare to experiment with colors, because black, although a color with a strong character, goes well with happier, brighter colors. A light blue or even white suit can go perfectly with a black watch.

For more casual outfits, do yourself a favor and keep in mind that a black watch doesn’t clash with other colors, whatever your style or the occasion you’re wearing it for.

What about accessories?

When you’re wearing a black men’s watch, the question of style has more to do with your accessories than your outfit. The color black for a watch goes, as explained above, with all colors and styles, but pay attention to your accessories, especially the belt and shoes. It’s a good idea to choose a belt and shoes in the same color as your watch strap. So, for a black man’s watch, a black belt and black shoes are de rigueur to avoid any lapse in taste.

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