Men’s watches: summer trend 2023

Trendy and elegant accessories, men’s watches have become indispensable for perfecting an outfit. Looking for a new watch for summer 2023? Here are the hottest models.

Classic men’s watches, timeless models

Among the trendiest men’s watches are classic automatic watches. These are sober, minimalist yet timeless models. The advantage of classic automatic watches is that they serve their purpose well and can be matched to all types of outfits. Classic automatic watches generally feature a simple leather or stainless steel bracelet and a round, no-frills bezel. If you opt for this type of watch, remember to wear it at least once a month to wind it.

The sporty watch, summer’s big trend

Somewhat neglected for a few years, the sports watch is making a comeback. Among the most popular models are the famous diver’s watch and the aviator’s watch. This type of watch is ideal for men with large wrists, as sports watches are quite imposing. Sporty watches go best with casual or sportswear outfits.

The connected watch, a model not to be overlooked

If there’s one watch that’s one of the most popular models worn by men, it’s the connected watch. These days, there are connected watches with very elegant designs. As well as being attractive, these watches are also very practical, thanks to their multiple functions. Connected watches can be worn with any look, which is why they are so popular with men and women alike. That said, true watch and clock enthusiasts don’t consider connected watches to be real watches, as they don’t have any watchmaking techniques to speak of. They remain a technological accessory that cannot be equated with watchmaking finesse.

If you want to treat yourself to a new watch, opt for one of the above-mentioned models. That way, you’ll be sure to wear one of the hottest models for summer 2023. Choose your watch according to your needs, but also according to your usual style of dress.