How to wear a woman’s watch with style?

First and foremost useful for everyday wear, a woman’s watch is also a true fashion accessory. To wear it with style, start by choosing it well, before associating it with the right pieces.

Choosing the right ladies’ watch

To wear a watch with style, choosing the right piece of jewelry is an obvious prerequisite. The first criterion of choice is the overall aesthetic, which must be in line with your tastes, your morphology and be appreciated in relation to the trend. Take into account visual elements such as :

  • materials (steel, leather, mother-of-pearl, canvas…) ;
  • dial size ;
  • bracelet thickness and workmanship ;
  • dial details (size and style of numerals, background decoration, etc.) ;
  • colors.

All these elements contribute to the jewel’s identity. Timeless or ultra-modern, chic or streetwear, it takes on an infinite number of faces. For example, a slim, sober model is more suited to an elegant look, while an imposing dial and pop colors add an urban touch.

Matching your watch to your outfit and accessories

It’s not enough to own a beautiful watch to wear it with style. Like all fashion pieces, women’s watches need to be adapted to the outfit and accessories worn.

Today, the accumulation of jewels on the wrist is very popular in women’s fashion. The watch is the central element of this aesthetic assemblage. Framed by a fine bezel and an elegant gold chain, the jewel offers an elegant and refined style, for example. Leather cuffs, braided bracelets, colored ribbons, pearl jewelry and rings of all kinds: consider every possible combination.

When it comes to outfits, be sure to match the style of your watch to that of your outfit: they should complement and match each other. As a general rule, opt for timeless models in noble materials for formal wear. The composition of the accessory is decisive, defining the level of casualness to which the jewel refers.

A well-chosen and well-matched watch adds soul to a look. Worn thoughtfully, it adds a touch of sophistication, whimsy or trendiness to your style.

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