How to recognize an automatic watch quickly?   

The automatic watch ranges are distinguished by their circular hands, their manufacturing quality and the fineness of the materials used. Certified “Made in France”, our watches are made in Paris by our watchmakers. The Beaubleu House was created in 2017, by Nicolas Ducoudert-Pham. The key word, to break free from the codes of the watchmaking world by bringing a new vision and dimension.

How does an automatic watch work?

Initially, all watches required manual intervention to wind it via the crown. Today, technological advances have made it possible to introduce a more inconspicuous method, a watch that winds itself.

Its operation is quite simple, it captures the movements of your hand, via a high-precision mechanism, this movement allows the watch to be wound. It can therefore run much longer than a mechanical watch before needing to be wound. What may seem trivial to the average person is actually a major advantage, you don’t have to worry about your watch.

Moreover, such a jewel of technology requires only a periodic revision, about once every 3 to 5 years depending on the model and your use.

Production et assemble du mouvement automatique de montre de la collection Union Beaubleu Paris dans notre atelier horloger

How to recognize the different types of watches?

If the mode of operation differs from a manual mechanical watch, how can you tell them apart? Here, we will see that through the appearance, but also some tests, it is quite possible to make the difference.

As far as the visual aspect is concerned, generally, an automatic watch proudly displays its mechanism with an inscription “automatic” or “automatic” on the dial.

Then, among the few tests to perform, you have the possibility to check the nature of the mechanism:

If there is no crown or if when turning it, it does not make any noise, then it is a quartz watch and therefore battery operated.

A simple movement on the watch will recharge the mechanism for a few seconds, so you will see the second hand move forward. If it works, it is an automatic watch.

As a coveted object of desire, all Beaubleu watches are limited editions, the objective being to challenge the designer’s creativity and offer a premium product to watch lovers. The latest Vitruve collection, released in 2022, is a great success. Don’t hesitate to order it quickly!

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