How to change your watch strap?

Through various articles, we have talked to you about the automatic movement of your watch, about our patinated bracelets (which were offered in limited edition last winter), but we have also given you advice on how to take care of your Beaubleu. Now, with the arrival of new bracelets to match the watches in the Union collection, let us explain how to change your watch strap wherever you are and how to adjust it to your wrist.

Adjusting the folding clasp to your wrist

Certainly, the great novelty of this new Union collection is the second hand that glides delicately over lacquered, glossy, or matte dials. But (because there’s always a but), there are other novelties in this collection, notably on the leather straps. The folding clasp brings security, comfort, and elegance, and the lug pumps that allow you to change your strap easily without tools.

Beaubleu Paris Audace original automatic watch limited edition made in France on lady's wrist

So, let’s start with the adjustment of the folding clasp. Indeed, when you receive your watch, carefully wrapped and placed in its case, the folding clasp is mounted on only one part of the strap (the watch is presented flat), so as not to damage the leather.

To mount your folding clasp on your bracelet, simply follow the steps below:

1.         To open the buckle, press the pushers on either side of the buckle.

2.         Now you have a buckle made of three metal pieces. One part is already attached to the bracelet (C), the one in the center (B) is the longest with the two pushers used previously, and finally the part engraved with the Beaubleu logo (A).

3.         Next, open the small clip located at the end of the folding clasp (it has a small point inside)?

4.         Slide the other part of the bracelet into this clip and insert the small metal tip at the hole corresponding to your wrist size.

Now that the bracelet is at your size, close the buckle on your wrist until you hear “click”.

Change your watch strap

As explained above, the other new feature of the Union Collection bracelets is the lug pump on the bracelets to change them easily without tools.

The advantage of these lugs is that you will be able to change your watchband as many times as you want, quickly and without the risk of scratching the middle of your watch.

1. Place your watch flat with the dial face up against a flat surface that does not slide or scratch (cloth or towel).

2. At the end of your bracelet, between the lugs, you can see the lug, a small protruding ball. You just have to apply a slight pressure towards the inside, and it’s done. The pump dislodges on one side only and the bracelet comes off completely.

3. To put on your new bracelet, keep the watch on the cloth or towel with the dial turned upside down. Insert one side of the strap pump into the corresponding hole on the lug, then apply slight pressure on the lug to reduce the size of the pump and slide it into the other hole. Click. The wristband is correctly positioned.

You are now well-informed about your bracelet. Of course, if you encounter any problems, we are here to solve them, or at least do our best to be available and help you.