How to recognize a quality watch?

For both men and women, a watch is a precious ornament and an object whose function is to display the status or personality of the wearer. However, for a watch to fulfill its role, it must be of good quality. But how do you recognize it?

Appearance, the first criterion of choice?

When buying a watch, you may be tempted to take its appearance as your first criterion of choice. While it’s important for a watch to look good and reflect the personality of its owner, there’s much more to a quality watch than its appearance. You may, in fact, come across a watch that looks good, but is in fact a counterfeit or a model from an obscure brand made from low-grade materials. That’s where the answer lies: the first criterion for selection is the materials. Above all, these must be durable and, ideally, noble and precious. A good watch can be made of steel, silver or, even better, gold. Its bracelet must also be made from quality materials, such as fine canvas, beautiful leather or resistant, aesthetically pleasing metals.

Beyond brands

Many people think that only the big watch brands can supply quality watches. Nothing could be further from the truth. Of course, choosing a model from a major watchmaker is a guarantee of quality, but you don’t necessarily have to break the bank to do so. It’s possible to find fine watches from smaller, lesser-known watchmakers, or even from brands that mass-produce their models. The key, after materials, is to have a fine finish and, above all, a flawless mechanism.

In short, to choose a quality watch, you need to rely on three main criteria in addition to aesthetics: materials, mechanism and finish.

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