Watchmaking: a French know-how

Watchmaking is an artisanal profession which, due to its complexity and artistic potential, has rapidly become an art. If art and know-how are not synonymous, they are nevertheless close. This know-how was rewarded in December 2020 by UNESCO, since watchmaking know-how and art mechanics have been included in the intangible cultural heritage of humanity. The French watch is more than ever at the top of the world watchmaking.

Watchmaking, a technical know-how

Watchmaking is a skill where the professional must perfectly master many aspects without which robustness and precision cannot be guaranteed. The mastery of alloys and more globally of materials will allow the timepiece to be robust, reliable and aesthetic at the same time. While the knowledge of mechanical movements will allow to obtain a precise movement.

This sum of technical knowledge makes it possible to obtain an object of exceptional quality and reliability.

Watchmaker, a know-how of aestheticism

Watchmaking is also an artistic profession where aesthetics play as important a role as the intrinsic technical quality of the timepiece. The alloys and their compositions have a strong impact on the colors and brilliance of the elements.

The dial must correspond to the purpose of the watch, but also to the clientele, who may be just as fond of sobriety as of technical elements such as an altimeter or a date display. Visual harmony, good reading of the time and indicators as well as the general aspect of the timepiece are part of the aesthetic issues of a French watch.

If Switzerland is particularly famous for its watches, in France, it is the city of Besançon which is the standard bearer of French watchmaking. Indeed, the city that calls itself the capital of time has been working for many years to spread the fame of French watches, but also to breathe a wind of renewal into French watchmaking. Crowned as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity, the French know-how in the field of watchmaking and the art of mechanics is more than ever alive and has a bright future ahead of it.