Buying a watch with an automatic movement is, without any pun intended, an investment in time. Your automatic movement watch is above all a jewel that you can pass on to your children later on. However, this means that you must also take responsibility for its maintenance so that your watch retains all its brilliance and performance. Here are a few simple and practical tips to help you achieve this.

Good habits to maintain your automatic watch :

Clean your watch with automatic movement

For the case, use a soft cloth to remove dust and other particles that may accumulate on the dial over time. If your watch is waterproof, you can moisten the cloth with a mixture of water and mild soap. If it is not waterproof, limit yourself to the cloth.

You can also use a small soft brush or a cotton swab to remove small dirt in the grooves of the case or at the junction with the bracelet.

Cleaning the bracelet depends on its material: metal and nylon can be cleaned with soap and water, while leather is more delicate and requires a cloth or a brush.

Wear it !

This is an obvious but essential tip, because a watch with an automatic movement draws its energy from the movement of the person wearing it. The current models have an autonomy of operation of about 38 to 40 hours, beyond that the watch stops.

It is also possible to get an object that is very practical when you do not wear your watch every day. It consists in imitating the movement of the wrist when walking in order to activate the mechanism allowing to recharge the watch automatically.

Have it checked by a professional

As for an automobile, your watch needs a small regular revision. The jeweler/clockmaker will directly access the mechanism for a small cleaning, an oiling and will operate potentially the adjustments necessary for the good functioning of your watch.

Depending on the model, brand and use of your watch, schedule an appointment every 5 to 7 years on average.

Luxury watchmaking has always been a driving force and a vector of innovation. As part of this trend, Beaubleu breaks the codes of classic luxury watchmaking by putting its creativity at the service of the experience. Discover here the particularities of Beaubleu and its blue watches.

Blue watch, from dial to hands

The two strong markers of our brand are its round hands and a thoughtful choice of colors brought to the different models. With a strong symbolism, the blue watch is in the colors of Paris. A city of enthusiasm and reflection, both inspiring and complex, it is also where Beaubleu timepieces are made.
The round hands, positioned in the center of the dial, offer a fascinating mise en abyme. They gravitate, like the revolution of the planets in a solar system. This image of infinity questions our relationship to time as the hands cross and overlap.
Our models, such as the blue watch, operate with an automatic mechanism and are all available in limited editions. Luxury and prestige do not only reside in the material, but also in the rarity and transience.

A unique design, reflecting a conception of time

The blue watch is a call to reflect on time, on the perception of it and the way it flows. Our round hands are not content to simply point to time, but to frame it, to try to capture a part of it. They are curved, like time which is not linear. Time is the most precious resource, and it is the foundation of our blue watches. They do not only inform about a state at a specific moment of time passing. They refer to the unfathomable, elusive aspect of time. What could be better than a circle, an infinite loop, to try to capture a moment that we know is elusive by nature?
Beaubleu watches allow each person to imagine and express their own conception of the passage of time.

They are not just watches, they are unique jewels that allow a different relationship with time.

Green has made a strong comeback in recent years in the world of watchmaking! The watch is usually equipped with a white, black or even blue dial, but the green watch now stands out from the crowd: endowed with great originality, all-purpose and intriguing color loaded with symbols such as hope, luck and especially prosperity.

Colors throughout history

Throughout the 20th century, it is easy to find a predominant color according to the different periods. The beginning of the century is marked by the absolute dominance of the white dial, sometimes enamelled, on models that it is easy to find today, sometimes in a remarkable state.

A few years later, gold and silver tones appeared to enhance the white, without other dial colors making their appearance. It was not until the middle of the 20th century that colored dials appeared on wrists!

Nowadays, and for some years now, colored dials have been daring in sometimes surprising shades: bright red, light blue or even emerald green. We are one of the watchmaking companies that dare to use color to best meet your expectations! Why not dare the green watch ?

The green watch, color of hope

Green, and more specifically emerald green, has been selected in our workshops to give a deep hue to our dials. Emerald green gives a sunny color to the dial, which can capture the light perfectly. This color perfectly matches the design worn by our house for our different collections. Depending on the style you want to wear, find the green watch that suits you.

Very trendy at the moment, the green dial watch can say a lot about you. You cultivate a certain mystery, but are still assertive in everything you do. By wearing a green watch, you are not afraid to wear a color that reminds you of spring and beautiful days.

The watch, both fashion accessory and essential jewel, is intended for daily use. For an object that accompanies your routine, it is therefore normal to be concerned about its aesthetics. You will watch it every day, carefully or not, since it delivers the time with precision. Focus on the red watch, symbol and manufacturing secret.

The color red: a touch of fantasy and elegance

What catches your eye above all is the dial of a watch. By going for a classic dial, black, white or gray, you take no chances. But it is also possible to opt for a little more fantasy.

So, have you thought about a red watch? The color red is strong of symbol, but it also gives a luxurious aspect. Red, the color of passion, is also the color of happiness in Japan. For big events, this intense color accompanied by white brings joy and good health. Associated with a vermilion red dial, the white hands are therefore of the most beautiful effect.

Making an exceptional piece

To obtain a deep and lasting color, a red watch from Beaubleu undergoes a precision treatment of impeccable quality. This exceptional work is carried out under the expert eye of passionate artists. Indeed, to make a red watch, it is necessary to concentrate one’s efforts on all the parts that constitute it. The dial of a watch is not only what catches the eye of the beholder, but it is also the key to the proper functioning of this elegant accessory. Once sanded, the dial is varnished or lacquered under very strict hygienic conditions: no dust must interfere. When this delicate step is finished, the inscriptions are placed, like the name of our Parisian house.

Our automatic watches are therefore dressed in their most intense colors so that you can choose the one that suits you best. If you choose a watch with a red dial or a red bracelet, you will opt for an original and creative touch.