You couldn’t miss it, our babies are out, and we did not expect this frenzy about the new collection! The excitement aside, I wanted to take a few minutes to talk to you about the story of the Union Collection. This part is the first step about the design process of the house before the launching (very expected) of the pre-orders.

The coherency

A few months ago, someone asked me: “so how is going to be the new collection?”. I knew people were expecting a lot from this new creation, and I asked myself: How to offer more surprise and keeping at the same time the Beaubleu’s identity? Who will go these watches to? How to integrate the community’s expectations? Such a hard work…

However, before putting down my first thoughts, I strolled in Paris… From the antique stores to the design gallery and the 11th district restaurants, I was looking for a main thread for the entire collection. It was the moment to find the coherency.

I imagined this watch like an interior. From a room to another, the aspect stays because of the combination of warm and cold materials. The warmth of a wood table with a velvet sofa joined by a marble table, all these contrasts play with our senses, for our greatest pleasure.

As often, we have the same vision as our ambassadors. The envy of giving colors was evidence. So, what colors?  How to keep the vibrating and warm side of the interior design? I started to buy velvet and satin to find deeper colors, that tell stories.

Beaubleu Paris Brio Blue automatic watch limited edition made in France

What to do with the inspiration?

Once the main thread is found, it is complicated to not draw the first ideas, and keeping adding new materials, and images. We test our first inspirations, to see if, with time, we are not bored. This process is long and hard, but we cannot miss it, because if there is one thing that we don’t want, it is that became bored. No, no and No !

After, I compiled the finale inspirations, and I mixed them: a velvet with a polished steel, a green with a Soulage painting or a grained paper. And without any drawings, the models started to appear (almost) by themselves.

Then, the inpiration step is ending, but will stay on our Studio’s wall until the end of the production.

This step was celebrated with the team, of course, and the next day, the serious thngs were back with the step of creation.

Next week, same day, same hour, we meet for the second step of creation. We will talk about drawings and composition.

We wish you wonderful hours,

Nicolas Pham, Beaubleu’s designer

You couldn’t miss them. These last days we have posted pictures of new universal collection’s watches. Of course, the pending continues, but don’t worry, you will discover them very soon (speaking of hours), but before that, a few words about our first universal collection.

After two years, you got it, our first universal collection is coming! A few changes have been made…

The first Beaubleu universal collection…

“Universal”, such a word. It means for everyone. We were exhausted to hear “mixt” or “unisex” without a real meaning. Our universal collection is the results of thought about the watchmaking about the gender distinction and about the watch for women. As we said in our previous article about our vision of the watchmaking for women, this collection breaks the frontiers between gender and refocus on the watchmaking.

Adios butterflies, glitters and unicorns for the women! Adios the super big watches for men! Welcome to the poetry and the innovation with our fine details! Our goal? Finding back a balance with a unique size of box and an elegance signed Beaubleu.

Beaubleu Paris Intrepide Blue automatic watch limited edition made in France man

…created with our Ambassadors

Beaubleu, a watchmaking house with circular hands but not only. As we like to say, Beaubleu is not only a story of watches. We like to share our passion and experiences with you. This is why we have created the Beaubleu Club, reserved to our Ambassadors. It gives access to many advantages such as the co-creation of new collections. For the first time (not the last), we asked our Ambassadors to compose this new universal collection. And again, the worry of details was in the heart of our exchanges. They were very concerned and played the game perfectly by telling us comments and expectations, and also encouragements and congratulations.

And the third circular hand comes with this universal collection!

Very expected, the third circular hand for the seconds has finally appeared. It has a different material treatment than the minutes and hours hands. It offers a new poetry on the dial while keeping the readability of the time. When we see it moving on the colored curved or flat dial, you cannot stop watching it, and you can see the time passing.

Beaubleu Paris Brio Emerald Green automatic watch limited edition made in France lady

Our new collection will be launch for the first time of Beaubleu’s history with the crowdfunding platform called Kickstarter. The pieces will be presented during a big event and they will be available for preorders form the 29th of February. And always with the wish to give more privileges to our clients, we will propose a very special price.

Something is getting prepared and you might know it after seeing some blurry pictures on Instagram. However, the suspense will last a few days… We are going to reveal it and this time, the women will take part. But before this, we will share with you our vision of the watch for women. We already heard that the woman was the future of the man and if she was also the future of the watchmaking?

Let’s make a point about the watch for women

Once upon a time… The women were the first ones to wear the wristwatch, while men wanted to keep their pocket watches… However, the women have quickly been qualified as “superficial”, more interested by the esthetics (always more glitters please) of the watch than the beauty of the mechanism. Thus, the watchmakers give automatically quartz movement, considered as less prestigious and without rewinding (as if the women were slack). Today, the women want to get out of these boxes, created without their knowledge, by taking watches for men. Confronting this reality, a few brands have decided to take masculine models and make it for women. But is it really enough?

And what does Beaubleu think about it?

We have the feeling that the women have been forgotten by the watchmaking industry. When we think of it, it is not only a feeling, they have been completely forgotten! Despite the effort of brands to re-establish the place of the watch for women, we think that adapting the existing masculine models is far to be enough. Like men, the women deserve that we think of their own models, concerning the mechanism or just the design and the poetry of the watch. After all, the watch is more a way to personalize the time whose symbol is not necessarily butterflies or flowers, isn’t it?

Beaubleu Paris Brio Emerald Green automatic watch limited edition made in France lady

Finally, today what do the women really want? No distinction between men and women. For this, what a better idea that creating a same and unique collection for everyone? A collection that has been thought as much for women as for men. This new universal collection defines our vision of the watchmaking for women: to link our circular hands’ poetry to the innovative automatic movement which animated our watches. It is time to refocus on enjoying more to wear a watch for what it expresses for you than to know if it has been created for men or for women.

What a better exercise than making the evaluation of this passing year. The vision of time for Beaubleu depends on different elements. “A flash year” will say some of you, the others will be more like “long and tumultuous”. Anyway, it was an intensive year, full of emotions, challenges and news for our House renamed the Circular Hands House by some of you, and we are very proud.

The Beaubleu’s circular hands like to travel

As some of you already know it, we started this adventure in an Art gallery in the 10th district of Paris. We were surrounded by a community of passionate persons very interested by our pieces. We took care of preserving this relationship by staying on internet and giving the opportunity to everyone to choose his own numbered piece, but also to try the watches during private presentations.

Moreover, we couldn’t be prouder than when we heard discussions and comments about the new watch “of my boyfriend”, “of my birthday” or “my last purchase”: the Beaubleu watch.

One word, two syllables which has been known by the big department stores because of you. New opportunities came to us, being sold by renowned distributors. The success of our collaboration with Le Printemps has been fast from the first day.

Even if Beaubleu is ink in the main French cities, the watches travel around the world. They have been captured in Japan, US, Canada or Mexico.

At every hand’s location, a new way is drawn for Beaubleu and give us the possibility to grow up gradually because of strong and long-lasting relationships.

The Beaubleu Club

Les montres Beaubleu et leurs aiguilles rondes

When you received your watch, we enter the Beaubleu Club, offering you a privileged relationship with our team. The confidence permitted us to share with you our last creations (before anyone else) – from the patina aspect straps made in our Parisian workshop to the new collection. You have been very passionate and enthusiast in the common House’s elaboration. The wall of our studio is now full of your messages, congratulations and encouragement (Instagram, emails, even letters) giving us the force to always surprise you with our creations.

Beaubleu’s news for 2020

New goals, new creations. You might know it, the first limited edition collection had a great success and since a few months, I am working on drawing and designing the next pieces with the new House’s aspirations. A collection which delete the frontier between watch for men and watch for women. A collection in the continuity of Beaubleu’s strength with the adding of elegant details for always more poetry and innovation.

The important challenge for this new year is also continuing to make new relationship while keeping privileged ones with our Ambassadors. This is why Beaubleu will be presenting the new collection in February.

Then it is with pleasure and enthusiasm that the entire Beaubleu team join me to wish you wonderful hours for 2020.

Nicoals Pham-Decoudert

Designer and cofounder

Quel meilleur exercice que celui du bilan, la perception du temps chez Beaubleu comme pour vous varie, « une année éclair » diront certains, « longue et tumultueuse » pour d’autres. Une année intense en émotions, en challenges et nouveautés pour notre Maison baptisée par certains “la Maison aux aiguilles rondes”, une fierté qui mérite de se faire savoir.

Les aiguilles rondes voyagent

Comme certains d’entre vous le savent déjà, nous avons fondés cette aventure dans l’intimité d’une galerie d’art du 10ème arrondissement de Paris en prenant soin de forger ensemble une communauté de passionné(e)s autour de nos pièces. Nous avons préservé cette relation en restant sur internet et laissé par conséquent l’opportunité à chacun de choisir sa pièce numérotée et de tester les montres lors de présentations privées.

Et puis c’est à la terrasse de café, dans le métro ou lors de soirées que nous surprenions des conversations et commentaires sur la nouvelle montre de « mon mec », « de mon anniversaire », ou « ma dernière acquisition » : une Beaubleu.

Un mot, deux syllabes qui se sont fait connaître grâce à vous aux Grands Magasins. L’opportunité s’est donc dessinée pour nous, celle d’ouvrir (enfin ! diront certains) à quelques distributeurs de renom. Collaboration en grandes pompes avec Le Printemps dont le succès s’est installé dès les premiers jours, nous plaçant rapidement dans trois grandes enseignes Printemps (Versailles, Deauville, et Haussmann Paris).

Et bien que Beaubleu s’encre dans les grandes rues des villes majeures de France, les montres, elles, voyagent. Vous en avez aperçu au Japon, au Canada, aux Etats-Unis, au Mexique ou encore dans un TVG Paris-Marseille par exemple.

C’est donc à chaque position d’aiguille, qu’un nouveau dessein se forme pour Beaubleu nous permettant aujourd’hui de grandir progressivement grâce à des relations fortes et pérennes.

Le Club Beaubleu

Les montres Beaubleu et leurs aiguilles rondes

A la réception de votre montre Beaubleu, vous êtes rentré dans le club Beaubleu vous offrant ainsi une relation privilégiée avec notre équipe. La confiance établie nous a permis il y a peu de partager avec vous nos dernières créations en avant-première – que ce soient les bracelets patinés dans notre atelier ou bien la prochaine collection. Vous avez été extrêmement passionnés et enthousiastes dans l’élaboration commune de la Maison. Le mur du studio est dorénavant rempli de vos messages de félicitations et d’encouragement (Instagram, mails, lettres même) nous poussant à toujours vouloir vous surprendre d’avantage et vous émouvoir par nos créations.

Les nouveautés 2020

Nouveaux enjeux, nouvelles créations. Vous vous en doutiez, la première collection en édition limitée a été victime de son succès et depuis maintenant quelques mois, je me suis afféré à dessiner et designer les prochaines pièces comprenant les nouvelles aspirations de la Maison. Une collection veillant à supprimer les frontières entre montre pour homme et montre pour femme. Une collection dans la continuité de ce qui fait la force de Beaubleu, en ajoutant d’élégants détails pour toujours plus de poésie et d’innovation.

L’enjeu important également pour cette nouvelle année est de continuer à faire connaître nos aiguilles tout en privilégiant nos Ambassadeurs. C’est pourquoi Beaubleu présentera sa nouvelle collection d’une singulière manière en Février prochain.

C’est donc avec plaisir et enthousiasme que toute l’équipe Beaubleu se joint à moi pour vous souhaiter des heures merveilleuses pour cette année 2020.

Nicolas Pham-Ducoudert

Designer et cofondateur Beaubleu