The different qualities of bracelets for your watches

The watch bracelet made its appearance in Vienna, Austria in 1878. It was then useful to have the watch on the wrist and to see the time easily on the dial. Today, it is also a real distinctive fashion accessory. It fulfills functions of practicality and elegance thanks to the various choices. Discover the different qualities of bracelets for your watches.

Your leather watchband: the ultimate luxury material

Leather is a noble material of quality whose possibilities make it possible to design watch straps for all tastes. It is the most appreciated material for its elegant, supple, solid and precious character. There is a wide range of leather straps.

Indeed, they are most often made :

  • Cowhide leather ;
  • calf leather ;
  • lamb leather ;
  • wide range of colors thanks to the dyeing process of the skins.

Exotic materials are more rare, but offer additional distinctive qualities:

  • Shark leather is waterproof and very resistant to water ;
  • buffalo leather is very strong ;
  • lizard leather offers a certain originality.

Your metal watchband, synonymous with durability

By choosing metal for your watch bracelet, you opt for the durability of your accessory, because it is very strong and water resistant. It is composed of links more or less large and numerous. For example, the flexibility and comfort of the bracelet can be found with the Milanese links.

You can have an assortment of materials that can be combined in the bracelet :

  • Stainless steel ;
  • money ;
  • pink gold ;
  • white gold ;
  • gilded gold.

Your silicone watchband, a sign of simplicity

Silicone is a plastic material that is very popular with young people and sportsmen for their watch straps. This type of bracelet represents dynamism, freshness and simplicity. In addition, it offers a wide range of customization possibilities at a lower cost with different patterns and shapes. Beyond its aesthetic qualities, it is tearproof, robust and resistant to water and heat.