How to adjust a watch strap?

Watches are precious objects appreciated by all. For both men and women, they are first and foremost instruments of elegance and style, but you still need to know how to wear them properly. To do this, it is essential to know how to adjust the strap of your watch. If the leather strap does not pose any particular problem, the steel bracelet watch or other metals is more delicate to adjust.

In this article, we explain how to proceed so that your steel bracelet watch is perfectly adjusted to your wrist.

Adjusting a steel bracelet watch in Milanese mesh

To adjust a steel bracelet watch in Milanese mesh, you need a flat screwdriver or any other fine and flat tool. Then simply proceed as follows: 

  • Locate the hook located in the center of the clasp and hold it firmly between two fingers.
  • Lift the hook with the flathead screwdriver, making it easier to move the clasp.
  • Slide the clasp to the desired bracelet length.
  • Lock the clasp by pressing it until you hear a click.

Adjusting a steel link bracelet watch

The link bracelet is more complex and may require additional steps to adjust. However, this operation is within the reach of all watch owners.

To adjust such a bracelet, simply take a small hammer and a very fine screwdriver or better yet, a pin driver and follow these steps: 

  • Measure your wrist and estimate the number of links you need to remove.
  • Identify the direction of the arrows engraved on the steel bracelet.
  • Place the screwdriver on the pin and tap with the small hammer, respecting the direction of extraction of the pin which is indicated by the arrows.
  • Once the pin is partially out, use pliers to remove it completely.
  • Remove in this way the number of links necessary to shorten the bracelet.
  • Reassemble the bracelet by replacing the pin in the opposite direction than indicated by the arrows. The pin has a rounded end that should be inserted first.