How to wear a skeleton watch?

The skeleton watch for men or women is characterized by the presence of a transparent dial showing a direct view on the internal mechanism. The idea is then to better highlight the movement of the watch while allowing to appreciate the important work of creation and its finesse. Do you want to show it off as well as possible? Immerse yourself in reading the text below. You will find several tips that will help you wear such a watch well!

The ideal watch for the professional world

When it comes to style, the professional world leaves little room for doubt. To limit the risk of making a mistake, always opt for simplicity and sobriety. In this context, you will choose your men’s skeleton watch with sober colors. Also focus your attention on its bracelet. To assert your style, it must necessarily be leather.

How to build a more casual style?

The skeleton watch for men also allows the creation of a more casual look. Opt for a larger watch, so as to attract more attention and create a shift with the rest of your outfit. For a more casual look, pair it with a white cotton tee on warm days or a simple white sweater in the winter. Don’t forget to add the essential jeans (or even shorts in case of hot weather) to this ensemble!

And for women?

Contrary to an unfortunately widespread misconception, the skeleton watch is not only for men. Indeed, manufacturers have developed specific ranges exclusively for these ladies. These models often have bright and original dial or bracelet colors. Your objective will be to harmonize the watch with your clothes. A gold or even powder pink model will go perfectly with a predominantly white, brown or beige outfit. A black or white watch, on the other hand, will have the immense advantage of going with almost any outfit color!

So what are you waiting for to finally wear a skeleton watch? If you are passionate about watchmaking, find the watches of Maison Beaubleu!