How to wear a pocket watch?

The pocket watch is still considered today as a chic fashion accessory. Truly timeless and able to match almost any style, it has seduced men and women alike.

The pocket watch and the essential vest

The vest is often worn on the occasion of an event or an official ceremony. What if you played the card of originality by associating it with a pocket watch? The vest will indeed be ideal to perfectly highlight your accessory. So don’t feel obliged to wear a three-piece suit.

A little tip: take care of the color of the chain. It should match the color of the vest so that it remains visible. Don’t hesitate to surprise your interlocutors by taking out your watch in style!

How to wear it with a jacket?

For a more casual style, you can also choose to wear a blazer-type jacket. You will then slip the pocket watch into the pocket, as you would with a vest. If you don’t have a blazer, you will have to put the chain through your belt before placing it in your pants pocket. You can then complete your outfit with a polo shirt or a simple t-shirt.

And with jeans?

The idea is, once again, to play on the contrast between casual look and chic style. Ideally, jeans should be dark (black, gray and navy blue) with a straight or slim fit. Also pay attention to the choice of the chain for the pocket watch. It should be thick enough (a bit like a bracelet) and dark in color (black or silver). Then you will just have to add a shirt and a jacket.

What if you also wore a pocket watch to assert your style with elegance and distinction while standing out from the standards of modern fashion?

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