It’s back to work time, time for resolutions. To stop smoking, to get back into sport, to stop buying things we don’t need, and many others. Resolutions that won’t last very long, of course. But when you go back to work, you’ll also see that the watch is back on your wrist (for those who put it aside during the summer and the holidays). So we have a great resolution for you: take care of your leather bracelet.

Watches and their leather bracelet

As you know, our watches are universal – so these words apply to all of you, men and women – and are dressed with a leather strap that brings elegance and comfort.
However, after some time, the strap can get dirty, especially because of micro-dust, contact with our skin and other handling.
In order to prolong the happiness of the first days, we are going to give you some advice on the maintenance of your bracelet.

taking care of your patina leather bracelet for circular hands automatic watches Beaubleu Paris

Our tips to take care of your leather bracelet

A watch band can be put on and taken off the wrist. It is therefore essential not to bend the strap. Every sudden movement is an aggression for the strap, and it is by these repeated aggressions that the leather gets damaged. Remember that leather is a noble and fragile material, so treat it with consideration, gentleness and delicacy.

Water, alcohol (who has never had a drink spilled on them?), sweat and other liquids or simply damp elements are not really friends of leather. So let’s avoid the pool, the sea or simply sports. However, no one is safe from unforeseen events, in which case, leave your bracelet to dry in a dry place.

Leather is a living material, which evolves over time. Just like our skin, it needs to be nourished to prevent it from drying out and cracking. Our little tip? A dab of Saphir Universal Cream from time to time. Otherwise, another nourishing leather cream will do the trick.

One last piece of advice to prolong your shared happiness, don’t hesitate to vary your pleasures and alternate between different bracelets. We have a selection of bracelets that you can change quickly at home 😉

With all these tips, you should be able to preserve your bracelet for some time, and above all, if you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to ask us!

All the Beaubleu team wishes you wonderful hours for this new working year !

A useful object for some of you, a fashion accessory, a piece of jewelry for others, and a passion (or even an obsession) for the latter. The watch is the ideal gift to give or to have given for one’s 30th birthday and other occasions.

Indeed, our lives are punctuated by changes, and we are not the same at 30, 40, or 50. Whether we are men or women, our aspirations and desires change over time.

So, to highlight the occasion of these different passages, the tradition of giving a watch has been established. Listing all these possibilities would make the following words quite time-consuming. So we will only focus on the 18th birthday watch, the 30th birthday watch, and of course, the engagement watch.

The passage to adulthood

The 18th birthday watch, or first watch, has a long tradition. Synonymous with coming of age, it is often a watch passed down from father to son, or mother to daughter. A watch with a history that is just as exciting as the watch itself. However, while tradition dictated that the watch should be handed down from generation to generation, today it is more appropriate to give a new watch, a watch that the future wearer has been waiting for.

The tradition of the 30th birthday watch

If your twenties are the decade of exploration, your thirtieth birthday is considered more as an entry into adult life. We know ourselves better, our tastes are more refined and assertive. Your thirties are a time when it’s more possible to indulge yourself, to show what an accomplished man and woman you are!

The watch to celebrate an engagement

A watch is an object to which we refer several times during the day, as many occasions to think of the person who gave us the watch as to remember the beautiful moments spent together.

At the time of engagement, the woman receives a ring with a diamond whose hardness originally represented the strength of the couple. Giving the man a watch is another symbol, a pledge of the couple’s eternity. In other words, the object represents the passing of time. This is one of the singular beauties of the watch object, we become attached to a piece beyond the design but to the story, it tells about us.

It will no longer be (almost) a Beaubleu but “the watch of your …” It’s up to you to tell the rest

A partner turned competitor for the Swiss watch industry

Who says watch, necessarily says movement. Our watches, like many watches, have an automatic movement. The good students already have the answer, it is indeed the Miyota 9015 movement. In a previous article, we talked about our choice in comparison with a famous Swiss movement. But when we came back to it, we noticed that we never really took the time to tell you more about our Miyota 9015 movement

Many of you are wondering why we did not choose a Swiss partner. In order to explain our choice, let’s go back in time and put some things in their context.

At the end of the 19th century, after centuries of isolation, Japan opened to international trade. The Swiss watch industry took advantage of this to transfer their watchmaking skills and train the Japanese. Originally, this process was to allow them to diversify their commercial outlets and open new markets. However, the Japanese watchmakers, who quickly became experts, began to develop the local watch industry. Subsequently, the country, which was supposed to become a partner of choice for Switzerland, quickly became a strong competitor by developing factories (including Seiko, today a giant of the watch industry).

The Miyota 9015 movement by Citizen Watch

Citizen Watch, some of you recognize this name? Indeed, today the two giants of the Japanese watch industry are Seiko and Citizen Watch Miyota.

In 1959, the Citizen Watch factory was set up in the city of Miyota in Japan. 20 years later, sales operations began, notably with introducing the 2035 caliber, its iconic model.
Subsequently, various models arrived, and finally, in 2009 the Miyota 9015 automatic movement, revolutionary development of the 8215 caliber, was introduced to the market.

The Miyota 9015 automatic movement and our watches

The story between our Beaubleu watches and the Miyota 9015 began at the birth of the circular hands house in 2017. With the launch of our first B01 collection, we placed this movement at the heart of our watches. At that time (not so long ago), it was the balance we were looking for in terms of quality and price. Today, it remains our first choice, and for other years to come.

automatic movement miyota 9015 for our Beaubleu Paris round hands watches made in France

If we now go beyond the previous criterion, it is also for its thinness that we have chosen it, allowing us to propose automatic watches with a thickness of less than 1 cm (perfect to put under a shirt or to wear with your white tee-shirt at the weekend).

We wanted to explain a little more about our Japanese movement’s (often unknown) history, the heart of our watches, and the one that drives our round hands. It’s now done, and for the most curious, go to the website of the manufacturer itself!

Following a meeting at the workshop with Yoann Simon, we wanted to share with you the vision of the craftsmanship and know-how of our patina leather straps by the Sibra workshop through a short interview.

Sibra is a French workshop with unique know-how in the field of leather watch straps. We collaborate with them to create our handmade patina leather straps between Besançon and Paris. The Sibra factory first provides us with the leather strap. Its patina is then entirely handmade in the Beaubleu workshop in Paris.

What is the history of the Simon family in the Sibra company and what is your role in the workshop?

Gérard and Isabelle Simon have created the workshop in 1990 in Besançon. This workshop is entirely dedicated to luxury productions and special orders. The factory is constantly working with leather, in particular with leather goods and hand-made watch straps. I am in charge of commercial and product development since 2013 in the factory. In the future, I also have the long-term objective of taking over the family business.

What is the specificity of Sibra’s know-how?

Excellence is at the heart of our approach and therefore of our know-how. This concern for the smallest detail makes our leather watch straps exceptional. We are constantly training, innovating, equipping ourselves with the most modern tools, and creating optimal working conditions to constantly push back the boundaries of excellence. Our mission is to surprise you! This desire, which was instilled at the beginning of Sibra’s existence, has enabled us to establish ourselves, develop, and be recognized by the players in the watchmaking market.

What is craftsmanship for you and how does it fit into your job?

Our business is at the confluence of leather goods and watchmaking. This is where Excellence is born, the alchemy of exceptional manual skills, the precision of high-tech equipment, creativity, the selection of materials, the perpetual research for aesthetics, and optimal comfort.

For the Sibra workshop, craftsmanship is above all a skillful blend of skilled hands, high technology, and noble materials. To ensure that this alchemy continues to work overtime, we have implemented a sustainable development strategy. We believe that the values of craftsmanship are the best way to meet this challenge.

What values do you seek to convey through your work?

Through my work, I try to put forward some values such as the perpetual search for excellence but also the development and transmission of know-how which are major in our industry.

What is your relationship with time?

As Aristotle would say, “Time is the number of motion”. In other words, movement induces the existence of time, and therefore, if there were no movement, there would be no time.

What is your maxim?

The maxim of the workshop is that we are your best link to time.

Beaubleu cognac patina leather strap handmade in France limited edition with olympe automatic watch

Now that you know a little more about the Sibra manufacture, the place of craftsmanship in their work, and their know-how, you can find our handmade patinated straps available on our website exclusively in limited edition.

Wishing you wonderful hours,

The Beaubleu team

From the 5th to the 10th, passing through the depths of the 15th and 16th districts, our peregrinations were just like our adventure: singular, dynamic and definitely Parisian. We met you during presentations in hotel lounges, art galleries, and even, in the laboratory of a starred chef. But now, and for a long time, we will meet at 70 rue Notre Dame de Nazareth in the 3rd arrondissement, in our first Beaubleu store in Paris.

ring beaubleu store paris

A path to the first Beaubleu store in Paris

It is always a special moment to consider a place to live, a place where you can fully express yourself, a place to receive your friends and build memories. Of course, we were dreaming about it but it was important to find the right moment. Not to give in to the ego of having your own store and learn to build a strong community before moving into a new home

So after 3 years of rubbing shoulders, exchanging and creating together. The time had come to take the plunge and put the Maison aux aiguilles rondes and its community on the map.

We tried to keep it a surprise as long as possible, because it’s certainly nice to want to move in, but it’s another story to find a place
 (especially in Paris).

Like many things for Beaubleu, it is finally at random while wandering in Paris that my eyes landed on a discreet inscription: “permanent space available”. This little ad was taped on an art gallery in the heart of the Haut-Marais. Perfect alignment of the needles or the planets, the chance came and we seized it!

In order to prepare the surprise for you, it is with the help of a few friends, ambassadors and a lot of elbow grease that we have built the first Beaubleu store in Paris.

Although the announcement is just official, a first question often comes up. What is the process to have a first store? As you will have understood from these first lines, having a first boutique is like having your first apartment with your lover. It’s a beautiful milestone that doesn’t mark the end of an adventure but the beginning of great things.

Your meeting place

Located in the old watchmakers’ district where you can stroll from art galleries to singular restaurants, you can discover the Klein blue front (yes, a beautiful blue, we’ve already done it). It is now open at 70 rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth, between the Temple and Arts-et-MĂ©tiers districts. Without revealing all the details of the Beaubleu store, you can enter a space where each watch is immersed in typical scenographies of our universe. Design and poetic.

It is a place that we are gradually dressing up with works of art and design furniture. A meeting place where it will not only be a question of trying on watches. It will also be a place where the community can live around events, parties, collaborations and meetings.

Thank you again for all the support and passion you put into making the Maison aux aiguilles rondes grow. This Beaubleu store in Paris is yours.

Yours sincerely,


Since our beginnings, we have been keen to share with you our vision of the watchmaking and the time. Today, we are going to present you three main Beaubleu’s mainstays on which Beaubleu stands ?

French know-how, the first mainstay of Beaubleu

For Beaubleu, the know-how starts with the origins of our designer and co-founder, Nicolas. Parisian since his first day, the elegance, the effervescence, the paradoxes and the beauty of the capital are the foundations of his inspiration and the creation of our timepieces. Indeed, the inscription “crĂ©ation parisienne” on the dial of our watches is a direct reference to the French local know-how, which plays a key role in the creation of Beaubleu watches. This Parisian anchorage allows us to ensure a meticulous follow-up during the assembly and control steps. Another important point is our wish to work directly with our professional partners. Why ? Just because without intermediaries, the relationships are stronger with a better understanding of everyone’s needs, to finally offer you the best quality possible.

Through this apporach, our goal is to create local synergies and strong relationships to develop French watchmaking (at our level, of course). French watchmaking is an opportunity, we take it.

The production with limited edition collections

Have you ever noticed the inscription “limited edition” and the serial number on the case back of a Beaubleu watch? And, if we told you that behind this inscription there is a more advanced philosophy concerning the creation and production of our pieces? Let’s discover it !

By offering you limited edition collections, which will not be reissued, we create an uncomfortable but fertile environment for innovation. As we are often unsatisfied, we always look for a new singularity and poetry in order to express it through our creations.

But what else? Producing in small quantities allows us to maintain a high level of quality. Indeed, making an excellent quality for one watch is not the same constraint as for 10 000 watches. This is why having a controlled production contributes strongly to a better quality of the watches.

Finally, all the watches produced are numbered to certify their uniqueness. A rarity that creates a special relationship between the watch and the Ambassador. An established house’s mainstay since the launch of the first timepieces.

Our universal vision of watchmaking

Are they only for men? Do you have a collection for women? These are the types of questions you often ask, and we like to answer them to explain our vision.

First of all, we think that the style of a watch should not be defined for a man or a woman, but it should transcend this dichotomy. Indeed, the choice of a watch is more related to the choice of dimensions, design, or comfort of the watch, but especially not to the gender of the customer.

Beyond butterflies, skulls, and other gender embellishments, we believe that the experience is the keystone of our creations. A Beaubleu watch is a watch that tells a story. A story that everyone can perceive differently depending on the light or the occasion. This is how we express the idea of a universal watch throughout the Union collection.

And here we are, you now know the three mainstays of Beaubleu. Each piece is based on these fundamental principles that define Beaubleu’s philosophy and its vision of watchmaking.

Wishing you wonderful hours,

Team Beaubleu

By creating the Beaubleu Club, we wanted to build a real community around our House. Today, the goal remains the same : federate our ambassadors.

A concept created by us, and made for you

Beaubleu is not a company whose unique objective is to sell a maximum of watches without consideration. At the opposite, we were tired of classic customer services without any follow-up or humanity towards their customers. Then, we thought of a concept that could break this hierarchy between the enthusiasts and the brand.

First of all, we wished to concretize this passion which animates you by creating the Club. And finally, you became Ambassador by yourself. Through this status, you convey the Beaubleu’s image in your everyday life while belonging to a real community of watch enthusiasts but not only…

The interest of this union is to be able to share our common passions such as art, design, crafts or culture in a more general sense, through a trustful relationship which is essential to us.

The advantages of the Beaubleu Club for our ambassadors

I think you understood the thing, the Club is only reserved for Beaubleu’s Ambassadors. In order to be an Ambassador, it is necessary to own at least one creation of the House.

An Ambassador, member of the Club, has access to a space that is entirely dedicated to him/her. Thanks to this area, he will be informed in preview concerning our new collections and future collaborations. Moreover, they will have the opportunity to co-create and give their opinion about the next collections with the designer of our watches. Each member of the Club is going to be invited to events in collaboration with the brand such as exhibitions, private event.

Beaubleu Paris dual time Vitruve GMT Blue round hands automatic watch on man's wrist

More than a watch, a Club … So see you soon! 

Dear ambassadors, new products are on their way. For the most curious, do not hesitate to contact us at

Wishing you wonderful hours.

The exercise of summarizing a year is never easy but when it comes to a year like 2020, I am strongly tempted to move to the next page 2021. We didn’t take the easy way out last year so why do it in 2021

Originally, at the dawn of time, that is to say in January, we were working peacefully on the new collection in collaboration with all our ambassadors. The design of the models was validated day by day, post-it notes were blooming on the walls of the office where we could see “39mm ? “Lacquered” – “glazed” – “micro-grained/matt” – “mixed” – “AMB” etc. Like a scene straight out of the movie “A Beautiful Mind”, we were swarming like John Nash to find the perfect equation between design, timing and preparation. A moment of extreme impatience and I confess, fear. Everything was ready, the press was raving, the community was in the starting block and the workshops were on deck. The launch on February 29th at 00:01 a.m. kicked off a campaign that was to be lived like a marathon. But the first sign of a year like no other appeared the next day, a real sprint of 18 hours to launch a production initially planned in 35 days. A surprise that turned into a real success.

Although our round needles were no longer seen by our dear partners during the confinement, the craze was impressive. New ambassadors were found in more than 25 countries such as the USA, Indonesia, Nigeria and even Chile. We have seen Brio Bleu Klein and Olympe Blanc Albñtre going to Japan for watch experts, Brio Vert Emeraude for a birth or to seal a wedding, of course Rive Gauche models for birthdays or the end of an internship, and finally a Brio Rouge to celebrate a promotion 😉

Just like all these anecdotes, many of you have been checking in with us, encouraging us and sharing your passions. Between a starred chef, a fighter pilot, a French sportsman, an artist, a collector, a designer, an entrepreneur, a student, a son, a mother, a wife, a promise, a husband, a father or just friends, Club Beaubleu is more and more dynamic, passionate and exciting. We are setting up the Beaubleu Circle where each ambassador will have the privilege to access secret contents and invitations.

The future of the House of Beaubleu is looking brighter and brighter and I am already challenged on the next creations and collections which – although highly anticipated – will see the light of day in 2022. Time for the team and the Circle to think about the future of poetic and singular watchmaking.

I would like to thank you sincerely for your unfailing support and your inspiring demands. Many Beaubleu Ambassadors praise the Maison aux aiguilles rondes, even in the middle of the Nevada desert.

Who would have thought that an editorial on 2020 could be positive.

So a huge thank you on behalf of the entire team.

Wishing you wonderful hours,


Hello to all,

A week ago, we unveiled the latest automatic watch to be added to our Union collection, the Brio Vermilion Red. As you can see, with its curved and lacquered dial, it joins the Rive Droite line and is therefore a perfect complement to the Brio Klein Blue and Brio Emerald Green models.

What you need to know about the automatic watch Brio Vermilion Red

In reality, this last one was not really part of the program. Certainly, we had the prototype that was “hanging” on our watch shelf, and the ambassadors had seen a 3D representation during the vote for the creation of the Union collection. But we really didn’t plan to offer it anytime soon. However, the success of our pre-order campaign and the incredible support of our Ambassadors encouraged us to propose this new product a few weeks after the end of deliveries, and especially a few weeks before Christmas. Moreover, with the arrival of winter, what better color than red to bring warmth and elegance?

Let’s talk a little bit about this red because it is not just any red. We have carefully selected a vermilion red, but whose lacquer and curved shape of the dial brings carmine shades. Like its sisters, Brio Emerald Green and Brio Klein Blue, the latter has three circular hands. The minute and hour hands are covered with a Super Luminova treatment, and the second’s hand matches the color of the dial. Of course, it is also available in a limited edition of 500 pieces.

So will it be your new favorite?

Beaubleu Paris Montre automatique française aux aiguilles rondes Brio Rouge Vermillon

A complete digital launch

Many people heard about the launch of the Union collection, an event in the heart of Paris, in an art gallery where, in addition to discovering and trying out the automatic watches in this new collection, it was possible to pre-order one’s own directly on the spot.

For the launch of the Brio Vermilion Red, as some of you know because they participated, Nicolas made a live presentation on Instagram. Why only online? Given the current situation in Paris, it seemed complicated for us to organize a big event, but it was still important to mark the occasion for this new model. So, in order to make this launch accessible to everyone, without worrying about the country, the number of guests, or other parameters, we invited ourselves to your place for a private presentation, via a Live Instagram.

This presentation allowed Nicolas to interact with you, and thus strengthen the link with the community. The welcome you gave him was most gratifying. And so, the very next day, the first enthusiasts were able to order the Brio Vermilion Red on our website.

Beaubleu Paris collection Union montre automatique aux aiguilles rondes Brio Rouge Vermillon

Now, how about discovering it and trying it out? For that, nothing could be simpler, send us a message at to book your private presentation in Paris or in video with a member of our team, or even better, with Nicolas, our designer, and co-founder.

Wishing you wonderful hours.

Beaubleu Team

So let’s go back a few days when our watchmakers recovered all the separate parts: dials, cases, hands, and movements. After having followed every step in the creation of your watch, today we will find out how it is assembled.

Promptly we will finish assembling the first Union Collection watches. Unfortunately, we had to announce a delay, but we have worked hard to shorten the delivery times of your watches as much as possible, in particular thanks to the express service. This service will allow all of your watches to be expedited before September.

Manufacturing and assembly of the Beaubleu Paris Union Collection watch with automatic movement at our watchmaker workshop

Phase 1: Assembly and Adjustments of the Movement

The centerpiece of the watch, the movement, is made up of around a hundred parts, which when assembled must respect well-defined precision. Each movement must be engraved with the name of the Maison (rotor), checked, and then adjusted using the adjustment racket. Once this operation is complete, we can move on to fitting the dial.

Production et assemble du mouvement automatique de montre de la collection Union Beaubleu Paris dans notre atelier horloger

Phase 2: Install the Dial on the Plate

The first step in assembling Union Collection watches is adding the hands to the dial. To execute this, we place the two feet on the back of the dial in the plate (here it is not the material but the base plate which supports all the components of the automatic movement). Subsequently, we place the winding stem at 3 o’clock. It is essentially screwing the screws to the side of the plate in the corresponding holes. During this phase, you must be careful not to use force with the fragile feet of the dial.

Phase 3: Placing the Round Hands on the Dial

For this second delicate phase of assembling the Union Collection, our watchmakers are arming themselves with their pointer drift and massive amounts of patience.The first step is to align the hour hand well in front of the 12. Here, the difficulty is placing the hand adjacent to the dial, without it touching the indexes. Afterward, our watchmaker checks several times to make sure that nothing prevents it from turning.

For the minute hand, we repeat the same operation. It should be almost glued to the hour hand (0.2 mm), without touching it. The difficulty with our round hands lies in their positioning facing the 12 without bending. We then do another round of verification.

To check that the hands are correctly aligned, the watchmaker places them at 6 p.m. If the 2 hands are in the same position, the hand placement has been correctly performed, and we can move on to the second-hand placement. On the other hand, if it is not done correctly, the two hands must be removed using a dial cover, vital in avoiding scratches.

Once the checks are done, it is time to switch to the second’s hand. The largest of the hands, the second’s hand, is particularly difficult to assemble. Not having a small dot at its end, it must be positioned as precisely as possible on the dial. It also must be handled gently because of the risk of bending. This is a meticulous process because watchmakers must be error-free to prevent damage to the mechanism. When the three circular hands are impeccably placed, we check the cleanliness of the dial, the case, and the glass. Fingerprints and final dust particles are removed using a Rodico and a microfiber cloth.

Production, assemblage et pose des aiguilles rondes sur le cadran de montre de la collection Union Beaubleu Paris dans notre atelier horloger

Phase 4: Assembly

This step requires that all checks be made, and the elements are cleaned. It is an obligatory step because if a speck of dust becomes stuck in one of the elements, it would require the watch to be disassembled.

Then, we remove the winding stem and place the automatic movement in the case. During this step, you must pay attention to the direction in which the movement is positioned, and the space that accommodates the winding stem must be opposite the 3 o’clock.

To maintain the movement for continued assembly, we put the winding stem back on after another cleanliness check. The automatic movement is clean, and it is time to place it in the case keeping in mind the casing ring which keeps the movement in its proper place.

Now, we will have to cut the winding stem to the right length and file and screw the crown. Everything is a question of delicacy and gentleness in watchmaking. Come on, one more final check for dust and fingerprints. We can, therefore, close the case with 4 screws in the back of the case and the assembly is finally finished. All that remains is the addition of your strap and final detail and water-resistance checks.

The leather watch straps and their folding buckle

Speaking of bracelets, let’s make a small parenthesis before concluding. Being equipped with a flash pump, it is easily interchangeable at home and without tools (internal link page how to change your bracelet). Moreover, for the first time, we offer bracelets with a folding buckle. What’s the difference? A lot of things, but above all this type of buckle makes the bracelet more durable by damaging it less since once adjusted, there is no need to touch it anymore. The folding buckles match the case, Rose Gold for the Audace and Olympus and Steel for the other models.

This is the end of our production notebook. We have given you the main lines concerning the manufacture of the various elements and the assembly of our watches. But of course, if you have any questions or would like more information on certain points, we will be happy to answer them. Please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form.

Now it’s time for us to finish the shipping so that our Ambassadors will have the pleasure to receive their watches.

Wishing you wonderful hours,

Beaubleu Team