Watches for Valentine’s Day are a great gift choice for many reasons. Let’s take a look at why choosing a beautiful watch for Valentine’s Day is probably the perfect gift.

Elegant, sophisticated jewelry

First of all, they are elegant and sophisticated. Automatic watches are usually made with care and attention to detail, making them a superior fashion accessory.

In addition, automatic watches are durable and can last for years, even decades, if properly cared for. This makes them a lasting gift that can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Unique craftsmanship

Automatic watches are also interesting from a technical standpoint. Instead of using a battery to power the watch, they use the kinetic energy produced by the wearer’s movements to wind the mechanism. This gives them a certain charm and a touch of originality.

Valentine’s Day watch : a romantic gift

In addition, giving a beautiful watch for Valentine’s Day to your partner can be a romantic gesture. Watches are often considered symbols of love and commitment, and giving a quality automatic watch to your partner can be a way to show your love and long-term commitment. These timepieces are also an expression of the infinite time spent at the side of your loved one.

There are many styles of automatic watches available, from the classic hand model to the contemporary and sporty design. Find a watch that matches your partner’s tastes and personality to give a truly meaningful gift.

Ultimately, giving a nice watch for Valentine’s Day to your partner is a stylish, long-lasting and distinctive gift. It’s a great gift choice that will show your partner how much you care about him or her and how invested you are in your long-term relationship.

The watch can be the ultimate accessory that completes your look. But how do you choose the best watch to show your elegance? In this article, we’ll find out how to wear a watch properly, what type of watches work best with formal or casual wear and how to choose a strap to go with them.

Size : what is the best size for your body type ?

The size of the watch should be chosen according to the shape of your wrist and your style of dress. A smaller watch is more appropriate for casual looks such as jeans and t-shirts. A larger watch is appropriate for formal styles and will give you a stronger presence. For men, the standard size for an average wrist is between 38mm and 42mm, however, it can go up to 45mm.

Material : stainless steel, yellow/white/pink gold or titanium ?

The material used for manufacturing is important, as it influences the overall durability and instant luxury your watch brings. Stainless steel is the most common material and is still the best choice in terms of quality-price for wristwatches. Yellow, white or rose gold watches as well as titanium watches are generally more expensive, but more durable.

Choose a strap that matches your outfit

Wrist watches should be accompanied by a strap that complements the color and style of your outfit. You can choose from a variety of classic straps (leather, rubber, fabric), modern straps (stainless steel, gold-plated) and chains for a vintage touch. Details such as stitching and rivets can also add a chic touch to your look.

How do you match your watch to your other accessories?

Wearing a carefully chosen watch can help complete your look, but it’s not the only piece to consider. Pair your rings and earrings with your watch to create a cohesive outfit. For formal looks, opt for matching ties, shirts and cufflinks. You can also match the style and color of your watch with shoes and belts for a bolder look.

Aiguilles rondes Beaubleu

With a black watch, any man’s outfit will be sublimated and will impose its style whatever the occasion. But should we only opt for this watch? What accessories can we associate with this already rich and timeless object? Let’s discover today how to complete an elegant and sporty outfit with a black watch.

What color clothes to wear with a black watch?

A black watch is a must-have accessory for men. Many brands offer classic or modern iconic models. So finding a coveted black watch and pairing it with a look that fits the occasion shouldn’t be too difficult.

But what color of clothing should you choose to perfect the look? The answer depends on the circumstances, personal taste and style. In many cases, it is always wise to opt for neutral tones such as gray, beige or white if you want a classic look. If you want a bolder look, colors like navy blue, red or olive green might be the best options.

What other accessories should I pair with my black watch?

Finally, shoes, shirts and suits can also be an integral part of the look one has chosen to complement their black watch. For a formal suit or tuxedo, the best choice is to wear black or dark brown leather shoes. A white shirt and tie of any color is a great alternative to pair it with a stainless steel watch. For a sportier outfit, opt for white shoes and a solid color polo shirt. A chest pocket is also a great piece with such a look.

A black watch is the ultimate accessory to complete a masculine outfit. The best way to put the pieces together is the one that suits your personal taste and embodies the style you are looking for. With these tips, the perfect reference to complete the outfit can be found without any problems!

Watches are essential accessories to complete your look. But did you know that there are different types of watches with hands? In this article, we’ll introduce you to different types of hands. So, if you are in the market for a new hand or just curious about your options, read this article !

The different types of materials

The stainless steel needle is very popular because it offers exceptional durability while displaying a classic, timeless look that suits most modern clothing styles. Stainless steel needles are typically made from a corrosion-resistant metal that will not rust.

Another type commonly used for watch dials is 316L surgical steel. This material not only offers excellent visual quality, but also great resistance against corrosion. There are also some models with a PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating. This process provides better protection against scratches, wear and tear, etc.

A third well known type would be titanium. This material has much less density than steel so it will make your watch lighter without compromising its strength.

The round hand watch

Round hand watches are a classic form of watch that features a circular dial and hands that indicate the time.

This form of watch is very versatile: it can be worn on a daily basis where it will offer a casual chic look. It can also be worn for special occasions where it will match dressy outfits. It is suitable for both men and women, regardless of their personal style of dress!

Finally, although digital technology is now everywhere around us – especially on our wrists – there still seems to be a lot of interest in the traditional values that represent the classic design associated with the round wristwatch: simplicity, durability and quality.

What about other watches with hands?

There are three main types of hands: stick hands, felt hands and fine point hands. Each offers its own unique look, so it’s important to understand how each type differs so you can choose the one that best suits your personal style or the style of the dial in question.

Stick hands are definitely the ones that have been used for a long time, as they offer a classic presentation that is popular with many collectors and experienced watchmakers. They are made to be visible on any type of dial, regardless of its size or color – making them an excellent choice for almost any watchmaking application!

Felt hands, meanwhile, stand out from the crowd with the small luminous dots at the end of the tips; this allows the hours/minutes/seconds (depending on the model) to glow at night – making this option particularly appealing for some modern styles! Plus, it’s sure to catch the eye with its distinctive design, too!

Fine point hands offer a stylish design to your wristwatch. Sometimes they can be adorned with small details.

Aiguilles rondes Beaubleu

As an art object of our daily life, watches must be both aesthetic and robust enough to withstand the small blows and hazards of everyday life. Moreover, the materials used to manufacture the watches will have a strong impact on the watch’s exterior appearance. Gold and other precious metals are particularly sought after for the dial and case.

The materials that make up the exterior of the watch

The materials used to manufacture the watches will strongly depend on the price level expected by the watchmaker. Thus, we can find steel, gold, aluminum, carbon, platinum and titanium.

As far as steel is concerned, we generally find its 316 L variant. This alloy is composed of a low carbon content, which makes this steel resistant and stainless. Its chromium content also gives it a shine that lasts over time.

Gold is used sparingly on the case, depending on the watch’s expected range.

Finally, we can take into account the quality of the glass, which can range from simple acrylic glass to sapphire glass.

The materials that make up the interior of the watch

As far as the interior of the watches is concerned, the materials are more classical since these parts are the ones that allow the mechanism to work. Brass and steel are the most robust materials and therefore have the best longevity.

In watches rather high-end, we can find some elements in gold. The objective is to display a better aestheticism and to highlight certain elements of the dial.

The materials used to manufacture watches are very diverse and differ according to the range of the watch. Thus, an entry-level watch will generally be made of brass or steel, while a high-end watch will be made of precious materials such as gold, platinum or special steels.

Watches have been enjoying a strong resurgence of interest in recent years. The advent of connected watches has repositioned the watch as a useful and youthful fashion accessory, but also revalued mechanical watches. Indeed, if having the latest connected watch is trendy, wearing a quality automatic watch on your wrist is a highly appreciated sign of taste. But it is still necessary to know the main signs of a quality watch.

An automatic watch, an accessory of status more than of look

Quality sometimes sounds like luxury, but you can have a quality watch without it being at a real luxury watch price. This is the main pitfall for the general public, price does not equal quality.

Sign of wealth or high status, the watch can easily be counterfeited, which will harm a brand and will not satisfy its owner. This is why it is important to know the few signs that allow you to be sure of the manufacturing quality of the watch.

The 3 signs to recognize a quality watch

Here are some tips on how to recognize the real value and quality of a watch :

Watches are special accessories that have great societal importance. They are often a reflection of our personality, but also of our social status, as such, they can be misused. Knowing the main points that make a wristwatch, a quality watch is essential for an amateur as a lover of beautiful watches.

Whether it’s a new or old watch, we always feel a certain attachment to it. When, through clumsiness or misfortune, it falls or hits an object with sufficient force, the glass that protects the dial may break or crack. When such a shock occurs, the watch’s mechanisms may have been affected, which is why it is urgent to have the dial of your watch repaired.

Have a watch face repaired by the brand’s after-sales service

Faced with such an event in the life of your watch, contacting the manufacturer should be the first reflex. Here, the objective is to obtain a first diagnosis and an estimate of the repair.

If you are satisfied with the amount of the estimate, you can engage with the brand’s after-sales service, otherwise you will have to turn to other solutions.

Have the dial of your watch repaired by a watchmaker

If you feel that the brand’s estimate is too high in relation to the repairs to be done, you can call in a specialist watchmaker. 

The latter, like the brand’s after-sales service, will examine your watch and offer you a repair estimate. Do not hesitate to consult several specialists if you want to refine the amount of the repairs. 

However, remain vigilant on the professionalism and seriousness of the specialist.

Repairing a watch yourself

If you have a repair kit and also have the skills to perform this type of maintenance, do not hesitate, it is what will cost you the least. However, be careful, if your watch is still under warranty, it will be cancelled. A watch being a jewel of precision and technology, such an attempt is risky.

When you break the dial of your watch, the best solution is to contact the after-sales service of the brand. The delays can be long, but you have the guarantee of a job well done. And when you love your watch, it is worth the best maintenance.

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The holiday season is fast approaching, and with it, the age-old questions about the most appropriate gift or gifts. We offer you some tips to buy a Christmas gift for a watch enthusiast.

Give a watch as a gift

Offering a watch as a gift may seem simple at first, but in reality it has many complications. It will be necessary to use your memory to remember the preferences of the person you are giving the watch to.

These can be as much related to the visual aspect, the brand, the model as the movement of the mechanical watch.

To help you, we suggest you consult Beaubleu’s latest collection, Vitruvius.

An introductory course in watchmaking

An introduction to watchmaking. Here is a gift that will delight the most expert of watch fans. A gift to keep watches a source of passion and wonder for watch lovers.

Many companies in Paris as well as in the regions offer half-day workshops to initiate you to the assembly and disassembly of a mechanical watch. The perfect gift for a watch lover.

Small gifts to give for Christmas

You don’t have to spend a fortune on watches to please. There are, for example, watchmaking tool kits to maintain your watch. If the person likes to travel, you can also offer him a travel case and if he is an incorrigible watch collector, you can offer him a watch box as a gift.

Giving the gift of a watch is never easy, but with a little care, you can be sure to please a watch enthusiast.

If you are not sure which model to choose, let yourself be amazed by the Beaubleau models. If not, you will have books on watchmaking, accessories or an introduction to the watchmaker’s trade.

Cadeau montre noel

Since the beginning of time, man has tried to master time, to understand it in order to tame it better. At the first glimmer of time control, this measurement was done with a sundial and then an hourglass. These first measures did not satisfy the man who always innovated to create this fateful tempo, which is the slow, graceful and precise flow of a mechanical watch. Let’s see in detail the history of the mechanical watch.


The first mechanical clocks emerged in the 14th century. Its mechanism, if it did not allow to display the time, announced each hour by a bell sound.

The history of the mechanical watch is made of innovation and perfection of techniques, and it is a century later that the first clocks with dial were born thanks to a clever system of gears.


Long years followed, working both for a process of simplification and especially miniaturization.

It was in the 16th century that the first portable watches finally appeared. This invention is attributed to the German watchmaker Peter Henlein. His model of watch is usually worn around the neck.

Gradually, these watches will flatten, become smaller, more discreet to become the pocket watch or the gusset watch.

Montre mécanique histoire


If the pocket watch or gusset watch has been democratized, it is from the beginning of the twentieth century that the wristwatch knows its rise. Invented by the Frenchman Louis Cartier and the Swiss Hans Wilsdorf, these watches gave a new impetus to the world of watches.

Other innovations followed, such as automatic watches, which would later become the norm, since they strongly favored the autonomy of the watch, the power reserve.

The history of the mechanical watch, like the race against time, is never finished. Man is constantly inventing new mechanisms and new uses. Yesterday, mechanical watches were fighting against quartz watches, today against connected watches. Man has not finished writing the long and exciting history of the mechanical watch.

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If this desire to hold and measure time is the prerogative of Man, watches have long been confined to a rather male universe. Even today, there are watches for men and watches for women. Proof, if any were needed, that a woman’s needs are not the same as a man’s when it comes to timepieces.


A woman’s watch is perceived as a fashion accessory, a piece of jewelry, and watchmakers are generally following this trend. A woman’s watch tends to become a jewel that elegantly dresses a contemporary woman. This notion of aestheticism is also found in the design of the watch, often, these watches are more worked and are considered real works of art.

However, it is not uncommon to see a woman wearing a man’s watch on her wrist, here there is no feminist will, simply the will to assert her clothing style by adding both elegance and a sportier look.

Beaubleu Paris Intrepide Alabaster White automatic watch limited edition made in france lady


A watch is both an ornament and a social object, as it reflects who you are and what you do in life. Even today, owning a luxury watch demonstrates a desire to showcase success and the personal satisfaction of being able to afford a work of art on your wrist.
Women pursue this ideal of success and wearing a watch can be part of their emancipation goals.

The watch for a woman is an accessory that can fulfill two functions.
The first is to become master of her time, and therefore, by extension, of her life. The other is to expose one’s personality through the design of the watch worn, what one feels or what one wants to make one’s interlocutors feel. In short, watches have a bright future ahead of them.

Beaubleu Paris Vitruve Origine Cognac round hands automatic watch limited edition made in France lady wrist