You love watches, but every time you buy one, you regret that it’s too big or, on the contrary, too small? Maybe it’s because you’re ignoring an important concept in watchmaking: size. Watches also have sizes, just as shoes have sizes, as you’ll see in this article.

The importance of case size

When we talk about watch size, we’re mainly talking about the size, or rather, the diameter of the case, as well as its thickness. Diameter is measured in millimeters, and in the watch industry, diameters range from 24 to 56 millimeters.

Case thickness also plays an important role in how a watch looks on the wrist. The smallest thicknesses are 6 to 8 millimeters, while the thickest watches can measure up to 18 millimeters, or almost two centimeters.

It all depends on wrist thickness

As you can see, the ideal watch size depends on the thickness of your wrist. You need to measure the circumference of your wrist and place yourself in one of three categories: small to medium wrist with a circumference of 15 centimetres or less, medium wrist with a circumference of 15 to 18 centimetres and large or thick wrist with a circumference of over 19 centimetres.

You can then choose the diameter of your watch. For a small wrist, choose a watch with a diameter of 34 millimeters or less; for a medium wrist, one with a diameter of 34 to 42 millimeters; for a thick wrist, prefer watches with a diameter of 43 to 46 millimeters, or even more if it’s really wide. The same applies to the thickness of the watch: the thinner your wrist, the thinner the watch should be.

Don’t neglect strap width

To get a watch that fits perfectly, pay close attention to the width of the strap. It should match the width of your wrist, as well as the diameter of your watch. So, for example, if you opt for a 36-mm watch for a medium-width wrist, the strap should ideally be 18 mm wide.

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Choosing a watch is not always easy, since there are a multitude of criteria to consider. Shape, manufacturer, bracelet and type of mechanism are just some of the details to be considered when buying a watch.

Movement type

There are three types of watch movement. The automatic watch is the most popular, because it’s always a technical feat and a guarantee of authenticity and luxury. It also winds itself. A mechanical movement is also highly prized, but has the disadvantage of needing to be wound frequently to keep it running. Finally, there are quartz watches that run on a battery. On this point, choosing your watch depends above all on cost, since mechanical and automatic watches are the most expensive.

Watch size

This is an important detail that many people overlook. The size of your watch should be adapted to the thickness of your wrist. So don’t hesitate to measure your wrist and choose a watch with a case proportioned to your body shape.

The strap

Choosing a watch also means choosing the strap. There are several materials to choose from. Metal straps are heavier, but unavoidable for certain watch models, notably Rolexes. It’s practical and solid, and can last as long as the watch itself. Leather straps, on the other hand, are more chic and subtle, but can degrade over time. Fabric watch straps are also available, but this material is generally shunned by the great watchmakers.

Complications and additional features

Depending on your budget, you can opt for watches with complications, in other words, additional functions such as a chronometer, a perpetual calendar, a lunar calendar or the GMT function, which allows you to read the time in several time zones at the same time.

You can also opt for a water-resistant watch, especially if you practice sports such as diving or if you’re a keen sailor.

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The automatic watch is the most prized object of beauty and luxury, for men and women alike. For the latter, renowned watchmakers and jewelers have launched a number of mythical models over the years, of which here are the five most famous.

Chanel J12

The Chanel J12 ladies’ watch was launched in 2000 and has since gained an immense reputation. With its high-precision automatic movement, it has a design inspired by racing yachts. Made of ceramic and steel, it is water-resistant to 200 meters.

Rolex LaDy-Datejust

Launched in 1957, this automatic ladies’ watch has a 28-mm case that comes in a variety of finishes, including gold and pink. It is made of 18-carat gold, among other materials.

Hublot Big Bang Broderie

This watch is rather recent, having been launched in 2015, but it has already conquered many hearts around the world. A success it owes to its 41-millimeter ceramic case, textile strap and theme inspired by the world of luxury embroidery. The latter gives it a very feminine and elegant cachet. Available in two colors: black and white and black and gold.

Dior Grand Bal

This automatic ladies’ watch has a 36-mm case. It’s a luxurious, elegant watch with a high-precision automatic movement. It has an oscillating movement visible on the dial that reproduces the effect of a ball gown in motion. The watch is crafted from high-end materials including stainless steel and rose gold. It is set with round diamonds and has a sapphire crystal.

Jaeger-Lecoultre Rendez-vous Dazzling

This is one of Jaeger Lecoultre’s most precious watches. Its 36-millimeter case is made of pink gold and set with numerous diamonds. The strap is made of alligator leather, with a rose gold buckle. The watch is water-resistant to 5 bar.

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For some people, a watch is a gadget, a superfluous object that’s easy to do without. Beyond the investment that a beautiful, authentic watch represents, it is the very utility of this object that is called into question. A watch has many uses, as you will discover in this article.

Because it’s an elegant ornament

Whether you’re a man or a woman, a watch is one of the most beautiful adornments you can wear. For women, it’s sometimes even more important than other jewelry.

For men, a watch is a piece of jewelry, whereas for women, they can be rarer. Sometimes it’s the only piece of jewelry a man will or can wear.

Because it’s a social marker

Wearing a watch for men is also a way of showing off your success, especially if it’s a fine watch from a great watchmaker, and if it’s made of precious metals and stones, or has a unique mechanism and complications. If you want to show your prosperity in your professional environment or give an impression of seriousness and success to your interlocutors, wearing a beautiful watch can greatly help you to do so.

For the love of art and technique

Watches are true works of art, but they are also examples of great technical skill and mastery of numerous arts, such as metallurgy, engraving, precision mechanics or even leatherwork in the case of a watch with a leather strap. Wearing men’s watches is therefore a proof of love for the great heritage of watchmaking.

Because it’s more elegant to look at the time on your watch

For many, the advent of smartphones would make watches obsolete objects. But it’s clear that looking at the time on your watch, rather than pulling out a big, bulky smartphone every time, is far more elegant and refined.

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If you love watches and originality, the gusset watch is for you! Invented in the 16th century, this type of watch, worn in the pocket rather than on the wrist, has always been a symbol of refinement and savoir-vivre. But, let’s face it, these days it’s a bit extravagant. So choose wisely, and here’s how.

The type of case

There are three types of dial for this type of watch. The hunter dial features a clamshell that completely closes and protects the watch. The clapper is usually fitted with a spring and a system for clipping the clapper to the case. The demi-chasseur dial has a clapper that leaves an opening when the clapper is closed, allowing the wearer to see the time without opening it. The open dial, on the other hand, has no flap. The choice between these types of dial depends solely on your taste, and there is no real technical or aesthetic preference for one or the other.

The movement

A pocket watch can have a battery-operated, mechanical or automatic movement. Although the latter two should be preferred for their authenticity and technicality, it is still possible to consider a quartz or battery-operated watch, provided its aesthetics and materials are satisfactory. If you opt for an antique watch, which is often the case for this type of timepiece, you will undoubtedly come across mechanical or automatic movements, and will then have to pay the generally high price.

The chain

The chain on your watch is of the utmost importance, as it is the part of the watch that remains visible at all times. It must therefore be aesthetically pleasing and made from a high-quality, robust material. Ideally, gold and steel are the most sought-after metals for pocket watches, but other alloys can also do the trick, as long as they’re not too fragile.

For the type of chain, you can choose between a T-Bar, designed to secure the watch in the buttonhole of a vest or suit jacket, and a clip chain, which allows the watch to be attached to a belt or trouser buckle.

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Are you looking for a men’s automatic watch, but don’t know which model to choose? A watch used to be a simple accessory for telling the time, but nowadays it’s a fashion accessory that you can match to any outfit.

Choosing the right size for your wrist

The size of a man’s automatic watch is a very important criterion. Whether it’s the dial or the bracelet, it’s essential that the watch is perfectly adapted to the size of your wrist. Preferably, avoid wearing a watch that is too imposing. This accessory should remain slightly discreet and not attract too much attention. What’s more, large watches are rather heavy to wear, which can be a nuisance on a daily basis.

Choose the right material

Another criterion not to be overlooked when buying a watch is the choice of material. Choose a material that is both elegant and comfortable. Avoid wearing a watch made of plastic, as this can cause allergies and is not very aesthetically pleasing. The perfect materials for a man’s watch are steel and leather. These are chic, durable materials, which is quite important for this kind of accessory.

Find out about the price of a men’s automatic watch

The final selection criterion is the price of the watch. If you want a luxury watch, expect to pay a high price. That said, there are also some very attractive automatic watches available at affordable prices.

Now that you know the main criteria for choosing a watch, don’t wait any longer to treat yourself to the model that suits you best. Of course, there are many other criteria to consider, such as design.

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In a world where the luxury watch market is booming, it’s often difficult to break away from the common model. Indeed, many watch cases look the same and differ only in certain respects. Other models, more avant-garde than others, try to stand out from the crowd and make men’s watches original.

When circles replace hands

The hand, which precisely indicates the time, is not the benchmark for all case models. In fact, some brands prefer to innovate and showcase other ways of telling the time on their timepieces. For example, all models from Maison Beaubleu feature concentric circles of remarkable precision, bringing a certain grace and voluptuousness to the case.

Original men’s watches: magnets

Another innovative technique in the world of watchmaking is the use of magnets. Two concentric circles are placed in the center, one for reading the hour and the other for the minutes. A system of magnets ensures precise time-keeping, and the balls floating on their axis appear to be planets gravitating in their orbit.

Futuristic models

Other models of original men’s watches are more futuristic. For those who appreciate science fiction, some rectangular cases feature red LEDs which, via a sophisticated mechanism, tell the time. Luminous signals indicate the change of hour or minute.

Still in a rather futuristic style, some brands prefer to reverse the system. Instead of the hand turning on its axis, the dial rotates around the hand, which remains fixed.

Last but not least, some automatic watches feature a refined aesthetic. All parts not required for the mechanism have been removed, leaving only the hands and dial on the case. As the case is transparent, the entire mechanism is visible, giving it a special charm.

In conclusion, the most prestigious avant-garde brands seek to create and innovate to invent the watch of tomorrow. These top 5 original men’s watches offer a glimpse into the future of the watchmaking world, where today’s watch will become tomorrow’s vintage look.

If you’re looking for a pretty automatic watch for women, why not check out our rose gold models? Very much in vogue in recent years, rose gold has nonetheless struggled to establish itself in the world of luxury watchmaking.

Fall for a women’s automatic watch in rose gold

The rose gold ladies’ automatic watch is a symbol of elegance and femininity. On the wrist, this watch adds grace and class. Today, more and more women are choosing to wear a rose gold automatic watch. But it’s not always easy to match your outfit to this kind of watch.

Rose gold, a metal that took a long time to establish itself

Gold has always been a fascinating metal, both in jewelry and watchmaking. Adopted by the greatest number of people, gold remains an essential metal. The story with rose gold, however, is somewhat different. It was in 1920 that rose gold began to make a name for itself, but it wasn’t until 2016 that the metal really came into its own. Today, rose gold is almost as attractive as gold!

A wide choice of rose gold watches available

The beauty and elegance of rose gold have enabled this metal to be adopted by many jewelers and watchmakers. That’s why there’s such a wide choice of automatic watches in rose gold. There are watches in every style, so why not take advantage?

If you’re planning to buy a new watch, you should consider a rose gold model. Its beauty will blow you away. But be warned, its slightly retro, bohemian style may not suit every woman. In any case, don’t hesitate to try on several different models before making up your mind.

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First and foremost useful for everyday wear, a woman’s watch is also a true fashion accessory. To wear it with style, start by choosing it well, before associating it with the right pieces.

Choosing the right ladies’ watch

To wear a watch with style, choosing the right piece of jewelry is an obvious prerequisite. The first criterion of choice is the overall aesthetic, which must be in line with your tastes, your morphology and be appreciated in relation to the trend. Take into account visual elements such as :

All these elements contribute to the jewel’s identity. Timeless or ultra-modern, chic or streetwear, it takes on an infinite number of faces. For example, a slim, sober model is more suited to an elegant look, while an imposing dial and pop colors add an urban touch.

Matching your watch to your outfit and accessories

It’s not enough to own a beautiful watch to wear it with style. Like all fashion pieces, women’s watches need to be adapted to the outfit and accessories worn.

Today, the accumulation of jewels on the wrist is very popular in women’s fashion. The watch is the central element of this aesthetic assemblage. Framed by a fine bezel and an elegant gold chain, the jewel offers an elegant and refined style, for example. Leather cuffs, braided bracelets, colored ribbons, pearl jewelry and rings of all kinds: consider every possible combination.

When it comes to outfits, be sure to match the style of your watch to that of your outfit: they should complement and match each other. As a general rule, opt for timeless models in noble materials for formal wear. The composition of the accessory is decisive, defining the level of casualness to which the jewel refers.

A well-chosen and well-matched watch adds soul to a look. Worn thoughtfully, it adds a touch of sophistication, whimsy or trendiness to your style.

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You’ve chosen to buy a men’s automatic watch, but you’re wondering how to wind it? Don’t worry, we’ll give you some advice on how to wind your Beaubleu watch safely.

Why wind a men’s automatic watch?

Although they are automatic, this type of high-end watch needs to be wound as soon as it has not been worn for more than a day. This preserves your watch and keeps it running smoothly. By winding it regularly, you extend its life and precision, which is important when you own a timepiece.

How do I wind my Beaubleu automatic watch?

First of all, it’s very important not to have your men’s automatic watch on your wrist. Indeed, if you try to wind it while you’re wearing it, it will exert pressure on both the stem and the winding crown. As a result, you risk bending it, damaging the system of your high-end watch.

Place your Beaubleu watch on a flat surface to prevent it from falling off. Press the crown as close as possible to the case, then turn it clockwise. It will take approximately 30 turns to wind your automatic watch. A protection mechanism will prevent you from going any further once you’ve reached the end, to avoid damaging the system. Occasionally, this exercise slightly alters the positioning of the hands. If this is the case, don’t hesitate to adjust your watch to obtain the correct time.

In conclusion, it is very important to adjust your men’s automatic watch to prolong its life. Perform this exercise as soon as your watch has not been worn for a day, by pressing the crown towards the case and turning clockwise 30 times.

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