Beaubleu meet Atelier Penso : Between Craftsmanship and Parisian Creation

Atelier Penso x Beaubleu

From the Parisian Craft to the custom-made creation, we would like to introduce you to our latest discovery and new inspiration: L’atelier Penso. He shares with us, his vision of time and beloved work.

Journey in Craftsmanship

At the end of a café in the XIXth district in Paris, you sneak behind a wall leading to a typically Parisian cobblestone street. You arrive in front of a green workshop door, which welcomes you with the noble smell of leather and antique oil machinery.

Cuir Atelier Penso BeaubleuWearing a black t-shirt with rolled-up sleeves, sneakers, silver rings, symbolic tattoos and the look of a cheeky Parisian, it is not the ex-professional fencer or even the Ivy League grad who welcomes you, but the craftsman Adrien Penso, behind L’atelier Penso. “What’s up”, he smirks, advancing towards you from the bottom of his workshop. He holds out his clean wrist before you, his unshakeable hands covered in oil and dust.

The creative leather smith, Penso chooses, cuts, threads and assembles the high-quality leather, which creates L’atelier Penso’s bags.
From intuition to design, through the final initials engravement, Penso is unquestionably meticulous. “With leather-like this, the bag has to be mint,” Penso says before grabbing an immense leather piece from under the cutting table.

Timeless and uncluttered, the design of his creations always come along with various customizations. Like its carrier, the bag is going to live, wrinkle and tan, to present the marks of time; because as Penso says: “Time exists, because we are alive”.

Fluctuat Nec Mergitur

To work with craftsmen, it’s not about thinking of the ultimate result, but of all the small gestures which forge an exceptional piece. In fact, what is craftsmanship? Before being a discipline, it’s an applied philosophy where the imagination becomes reality. Take a leather piece or a block of steel, and it becomes your Ariadne’s thread.

Regardless of the process, every object is different, unique and atypical. It is the result of a sudden madness, an inattention, and a state of mood. Every craftsman wants to reveal his or her passion. For Beaubleu, as for L’atelier Penso, it’s the story of ” travail bien-aimé” (beloved work). When you create refined pieces, you wish to communicate a character and a harshness. These scratches and scars will soak and begin to construct the product, withstanding the test of time.

It could be expected that Beaubleu, L’atelier Penso, and Paris share this common vision.

“Beaten by streams, but never sinks”
Beaubleu paris x Atelier Penso
Montre Le Lumineux
Atelier Penso's bag et montre Beaubleu
gravure initiale Beaubleu
Adrien de l'atelier Penso


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