Our story

Beaubleu history

The history of Beaubleu starts in 2017 when Nicolas Ducoudert Pham launched his first collection. Beaubleu is a Parisian watchmaking Maison that breaks free from the codes of classic watchmaking by bringing a second vision to watch design. After three limited-edition collections (B01, Union and Vitruve), Beaubleu reveals its first permanent collection in 2023: Ecce.

The beautiful is always strange

Guided by Baudelaire’s famous quote “the beautiful is always strange”, our name translates as a singularity that tends to emancipate itself from classical codes. Blue, the color of Paris, is our main inspiration. Thus, this Parisian singularity is translated by Beaubleu.

Manifesto de Beaubleu
Nicolas Ducoudert Pham - Founder of Beaubleu


Founder & Head of Design

Specializing in automotive and luxury product design, Nicolas became known for his work with the Grandes Maisons of Place Vendôme. Driven by his desire to create products that tell a story, as well as the treatment of materials, he has followed start-ups and large companies in innovation and luxury.

Beaubleu’s circular-hand watches were derived from two reflections: time and experience. Time is a material with which we interact, it all depends on how we perceive it. We can speed up time by moving, or slow it down by focusing on minutes; time is ours. From this reflection, the watch is not a simple tool but a real object of desire, where each one is free to interpret it.

” The circle is the starting point for all conceptualization of space, from astronomy to the proportions of a classical painting. This reflection comes from my thesis on the void as a new element of communication. I wanted to link my thesis on the void to this approach. The circular hands thus appeared as an obvious way to offer a new reading of time.”

gravure initiale BeauOrigins of Beaubleu watch leather craft
inspiration Beaubleu aiguilles rondes montre automatique
Beaubleu Le LumineuxFirst beaubleu watch for origins le lumineux


The Circle


The round hands, inspired by the work of Galileo, give the watch a unique personality, and offer a more poetic reading of the time. Where dauphine or baton hands point in one direction, the round hands capture a moment. As they move, the hands swirl and overlap, creating a graphic pattern in perpetual motion.

Beaubleu-limited edition made in paris

Limited edition


All our collections are composed of automatic watches in limited editions to challenge the designer’s creativity and focus on quality over production. 

The first B01 collection had four men’s watches limited to 125 numbered pieces per model. In 2020, for the second Union collection, each watch was limited to 500 pieces. 

We launch a new collection every 2 years.

Created in Paris


All of our watches come to life in France in the center of Paris. This is our guarantee, to produce locally with efficient quality control.

Beaubleu watch made in France, the origins of Beaubleu