When choosing a watch, the bracelet and its clasp system are to be taken into account. While the more classic pin buckle seduces with its simplicity, the folding clasp also has undeniable qualities. To help you see more clearly, let’s explore the specifics of these two types of closures.


The pin buckle is the classic clasp system most commonly found in watchmaking. Its principle is simple: just insert the metal rod in the hole of the bracelet corresponding to the size of the wrist. This buckle is suitable for all watches, except those with rigid steel bracelets. It is, thanks to its asserted sobriety, often acclaimed for its elegance and comfort. In addition, it adapts very well to all arms, even the smallest ones. It is, in fact, possible to adjust the size of the bracelet very precisely. However, it can wear out quickly since it is constantly used. This is the only drawback that we note with the pin buckle!

Boucle ardillon


The folding clasp is more sophisticated than the pin buckle. Indeed, it is articulated. The metal clasp unfolds when you open it and folds down when you want to attach the watch. It has the advantage of protecting it from any risk of accidental fall. Thus, if the bracelet opens unexpectedly, the two parties never separate. The main inconvenience of this buckle can be a certain discomfort because it is not necessarily well suited to very thin wrists. Note that there are two kinds of folding clasps for a watch:

These two clasp systems therefore each have their advantages and disadvantages. Now it’s up to you to decide which one best suits your tastes and desires!

The strap is essential for the enhancement of a quality watch. Leather is the most prized noble material to sublimate a watchband. To satisfy the aesthetic sense of each customer, Beaubleu offers different qualities of leather straps. Everyone will be able to find the style and the color that suits him.

The grained leather strap: elegance and discretion

Our genuine leather watchbands are entirely handmade and are easily interchangeable thanks to a flash pump system. You can match your bracelet to your outfit by choosing from our different models:

Bracelet montre Beaubleu Paris en cuir grainé cognac

The leather strap with alligator detail: sobriety and refinement

Easy to match with our automatic watches, these Italian leather straps end with an engraved folding clasp. Two shades are available to enhance your watch:

Beaubleu union collection blue leather watch strap

The leather watch strap detail teju green: a note of originality

This carefully crafted Italian leather strap will add a touch of originality to your watch. Like the other models, you will have the choice of a rose gold or steel folding clasp.

The limited editions: the patinated leather watchband

Beaubleu regularly offers limited series of 20 pieces of patinated leather bracelets. These bracelets are all made in France. The patina, made in our workshops, makes each model a unique piece.

Chaque modèle est synonyme de qualité et d’élégance intemporelle. N’hésitez pas à visiter notre boutique pour découvrir les nombreux modèles uniques qui s’offrent à vous.

Are you passionate about automatic watches? Beaubleu explains how automatic watches work and its know-how.

Beaubleu, the only idea of luxury

Beaubleu creates “beautiful”; watches designed with high quality materials. Beaubleu creates in “blue”; the color corresponding to the city of Paris. These two concepts are unified to make the product high-end.
At Beauleu, luxury is not abstract at all, but tangible.
The three collections offered are the “Vitruve”, the “Union” and the “B01”, which emphasize authenticity.
The watches have a very clean design, come in many colors, and have handmade Italian leather straps.
The design of the watches began in the brand’s Paris workshop. The French capital sets the scene for the brand’s know-how and uniqueness. On the one hand, Beaubleu watches stand out with their round hands. On the other hand, they are equipped with an automatic system.

Beaubleu, the automatic watch operation

The Beaubleu company attaches great importance to the aesthetics of its watches as well as to their operation. The automatic watch operation is its trademark.
The movement of the hands is driven by the Miyota 9015 automatic movement.
The Japanese city of Miyota developed its expertise after the Swiss trained the Japanese in the late 19th century. With their expertise, the Japanese watchmakers set up their manufacturing plant in 1959.
The operation of the automatic watch had a base, “Citizen Watch”.
The Miyota 9015 automatic movement is a guarantee of quality.

Our company is attached to French know-how and Japanese technicality. Our automatic watches for women and men are available. Take your luxury time with an exceptional automatic watch.

At Beaubleu, the watch for men is a “must have”. Combined with your favorite bracelet, it becomes a real fashion accessory or a piece of jewelry, essential to make your outfit impeccable.

At Beaubleu, where even the needles are round

Beaubleu is a reference when it comes to creativity and originality in men’s watches. If you want to get away from the classic lines of the “everyman” watch, our brand offers watches and their straps where the fineness of the details, the quality of the materials and the innovation give each of you the choice to define your own notion of time.

The choice of an automatic men’s watch band depends solely on you !

Preferred straps for men’s watches

Why not transform your watch? The Flash pumps that equip each of our automatic watches make it easy for you. Your sporty watch becomes an elegant and very innovative piece of jewelry to wear with a tuxedo or a fashion accessory coveted by everyone around you.

With the extreme originality of the dials and the roundness of its hands, each men’s watch strap is the link that connects your sensibility to our creativity. Before making a decision, you can ask yourself:

But you already have the answers !

Beaubleu gives you the opportunity to “take your time” and treat yourself with your favorite men’s watch bracelet. You will have on your wrist the watch of your dreams, the ideal jewel and the original fashion accessory.

Choosing the right watchband for a woman is essential. The choice of the watch, especially via its dial, is a priority, but the strap is also very important. Its role is to accentuate the contours of the watch and it forms a body with your wrist. Opting for the right watchband for your body type and personality shows your good taste.

The leather watchband : light and authentic

Leather belongs to the category of noble materials. Opting for a leather watchband is to adopt the vintage style. This bracelet has the advantage of being worn daily and brings a touch of lightness through its authenticity. Well maintained, it will be your faithful companion for a very long time.

The steel woman’s watch bracelet : robust and comfortable

If you want a durable, yet comfortable watch band, the steel band is for you. It blends perfectly with the dial, also made of steel. This bracelet is a sure bet for sturdiness when properly adjusted. Steel bracelets are available in stainless steel or Milanese mesh, but also in gold, pink gold or carbon titanium coating.

The silicone watchband is ideal for sportswomen

The silicone bracelet is very present in the sports world. It always pleases the sports lovers. It gives a modern style and is very pleasant to wear. Silicone gives it a great resistance and flexibility perfect for the practice of all sports.

The nylon watch strap for women: a subtle marriage between robustness and lightness

A nylon watchband is the result of a union of elegance, robustness and lightness. This bracelet, with its pronounced style, is perennial. In addition, nylon bracelets are interchangeable and can be worn with any outfit to highlight your urban chic character.

Beaubleu Paris collection Union montre automatique aux aiguilles rondes Brio Rouge Vermillon

The wristwatch. We have all worn one at least once in our lives. Some of us even wear it almost permanently. However, this familiar object is a recent invention, a small technological miracle that revolutionized, in its time, the daily life of people. The wristwatch was, in a way, the smartphone of the 20th century.

Time : a concept in revolution

For thousands of years, time was measured only approximately. One could find one’s bearings as best as one could in the sun and one evoked duration by referring to an action (for example: “to finish this task will take me the time to go from the village to the well”). Clock-making did not appear until the 14th century, developed by Catholic monks who wanted to strictly regulate their daily routine.

But what changed our relationship to time was the Industrial Revolution. In the 19th century, urban populations had to live at the same rhythm: that of the cadences, the rotations and the train schedules. Suddenly, one is “on time”, “early” or “late”. So clocks are no longer enough: we have to carry time with us.

From prototype to mass distribution

In the 19th century, it was the triumph of the pocket watch, attached to a chain and slipped into the pocket. However, the idea of wearing the time on the wrist goes back a long way. In 1571, Elizabeth I of England received a gift of an “arm watch”: a small clock mounted on a bracelet. But it was not until 1904 that Swiss Hans Wilsdorf and Frenchman Louis Cartier created the modern wristwatch. Intended for women, it quickly became a universal fashion accessory.

Wristwatch : Etymology of an everyday object

The word “watch” emerged in the 16th century. Its origin is obvious: a clock simply “shows” the time. Over time, the term came to refer specifically to wearable accessories. The etymology of the word “bracelet” is less clear: it comes from the Old French “brac” or “bracel” (“arm”), from the Low Latin “brachialis” or from the Spanish “brazalete”.

The manufacture of this essential watchmaking equipment is, let’s not forget, one of the main components that attracts attention and is, inevitably, the basis of many purchasing desires. Maison Beaubleu offers several models and available in different colors. Let’s take a closer look at how a watch face is created.

The watch face : the composition

The dial is composed of a copper plate. On it, there is a white enamel and a counter-enamel. The pastilles are stamped silvered pebbles, which are “taped” to the white enamel beforehand and which are introduced during the firing process. A transparent enamel is then applied to the paillons and fired.

The design of the dials starts with a blank. This can be embossed or made of brass from a metal strip. At the same time, two buttons are planted within the edge of the blank. Then, four stop holes are applied within them, allowing the blank to be blocked at subsequent processing stations.

The step of creating the dial window shows

This step consists in the creation of the window intended for the date. A decorative frame is added in relief. A hole is then created in the middle of the dial, where the hands will rotate once the process is completed. Continuing the process, almost discreet openings are created in which the brackets of the appliques are meticulously installed and fused to the back. To finish this work, the dial is marked with a punch at the base of the blank and thus receives its final diameter.

The surface treatment stage

This is how the task of surface treatment begins. With a polishing and satinizing device, which involves the use of a specific liquid (emulsion), the dials are polished and then refined to a beautiful shine. This is the sine qua non for the subsequent application of the soleillée finish, which is achieved by using a vertically pivoting brass brush. This is the perfect time to focus on the color.

During the galvanic process, watch dials are typically colored either blue or black, depending on the model. It takes a certain amount of expertise to produce similar results across a series and ensure excellent quality in the manufacture of watch dials. After rinsing with pure water and drying afterwards, the dials are now ready to receive the application:

On our online store, we offer several luxury collections. Please feel free to browse our watch catalog to choose the model that will fit your wrist.

Beaubleu Paris Intrepide Blue automatic watch limited edition made in France lady

When buying a new watch, what usually attracts the most attention is how it looks and feels on the wrist. We often forget about the movement, the mechanics that drive the hands of the watch to tell you the time. Apart from ETA and Rota, the Miyota movement is a favorite among watch lovers because of its precision and accuracy.

What is an automatic watch movement ?

An automatic watch is a mechanical watch for which manual winding is unnecessary. The automatic movement is powered by the natural energy created by the wearer’s movements.

At Beaubleu, our goal is to make our brand synonymous with quality, which is why we have chosen to equip our collection with the Miyota movement.

How does an automatic watch movement work ?

An automatic watch is wound using the kinetic energy of the person wearing it.

In more detail, here is how this type of movement works:

Why choose a watch with a Miyota movement ?

Miyota takes everything that is good about the basic quartz watch movement and makes it even better. Here are some of the benefits that Miyota watch movements offer you :

High precision manufacturing

Beaubleu automatic watches are built with original parts manufactured by Miyota itself, which allows the company to perform high quality control.

Miyota movement: a long life

In addition to their high quality, these watches have a long life span. A longer battery means less maintenance for your watch.

Valuable watches

Beaubleu watches offer you quality, while remaining affordable. So don’t hesitate, get your watch from Beaubleu. Different models of watches are available for sale, with interchangeable straps.

From the hands to the case and the gimbal, Beaubleu offers a poetic alternative to traditional watchmaking. Between innovation and aestheticism, the famous blue watch questions and upsets our relationship with time.

A round watch case for a harmonious design

With its emblematic round hands and rounded watch case, the Beaubleu brand has made roundness a signature. The brand’s timepieces combine elegance and originality with that touch of non-conformism that makes all the difference. Beaubleu Paris has atypical characteristics:

The Beaubleu philosophy: a different relationship with time

Saint Augustine said: “If no one asks me what time is, I know what it is; if someone asks me and I want to explain it, I don’t know it anymore”.
Understanding time is far from being an easy exercise and sometimes goes beyond comprehension. How to conceive this mysterious reality which makes the past inaccessible, the present instantaneous and the future elusive?

In the world of watchmaking, where straight hands impose a unique and oriented reading of time, round hands and dial propose a new approach to temporality. Beaubleu watches challenge a whole watchmaking tradition that presents time as something controllable.

And yet, both complex and fascinating, our relationship with time is far from linear. It passes either too quickly or too slowly and, when we try to control it, it escapes us completely… The design of the blue watch underlines this complexity with grace and humility. Far from being content to simply indicate the time, the Beaubleu timepiece captures the moment, captures a moment as if to better tame the present.

Round hands and watch case… Beaubleu revisits for you the luxury watchmaking with harmony and elegance !

Do you want to stand out from the crowd by adding a subtle touch to your evening wear? Dare to wear an automatic women’s watch and make a small effect in society. The Beaubleu brand invites you to discover its selection of wristwatches with models for women and men, all of which are meticulously designed.

The automatic watch for women: sublime and elegant

A watch is the perfect accessory to enhance your style without going overboard. Paired with an elegant bag or your pumps, it helps you show your personality and gives you a charm that you just have to assume. At Beaubleu, we make a range of automatic women’s watches that combine functionality and design. Our accessories come in a variety of colors and finishes, but they all have a unique signature and distinctive round hands that enhance their originality. 

Why choose an automatic watch ?

For the confident and self-assured woman, our collection of automatic watches has been specially designed to meet all your requirements. The automatic watch is a very flexible accessory: it works without batteries and is recharged just when you wear it and carry out your ordinary activities (writing, driving, walking or doing sports). On the other hand, this accessory is also appreciated for its sleek and elegant look and for the touch of finesse that is given to its finishing. More than just a piece of jewelry, it is an accessory that will make you stand out wherever you go. 

Durability is also a major advantage of automatic watches: their creation requires manual work and solid expertise. This makes them even more authentic and full of life. Between classic models and watches with several options, all choices are possible. Beaubleu offers a wide collection of automatic watches for women. Don’t hesitate to contact us to take advantage of the advice of a professional.