About this year, 2020…

The exercise of summarizing a year is never easy but when it comes to a year like 2020, I am strongly tempted to move to the next page 2021. We didn’t take the easy way out last year so why do it in 2021

Originally, at the dawn of time, that is to say in January, we were working peacefully on the new collection in collaboration with all our ambassadors. The design of the models was validated day by day, post-it notes were blooming on the walls of the office where we could see “39mm ? “Lacquered” – “glazed” – “micro-grained/matt” – “mixed” – “AMB” etc. Like a scene straight out of the movie “A Beautiful Mind”, we were swarming like John Nash to find the perfect equation between design, timing and preparation. A moment of extreme impatience and I confess, fear. Everything was ready, the press was raving, the community was in the starting block and the workshops were on deck. The launch on February 29th at 00:01 a.m. kicked off a campaign that was to be lived like a marathon. But the first sign of a year like no other appeared the next day, a real sprint of 18 hours to launch a production initially planned in 35 days. A surprise that turned into a real success.

Although our round needles were no longer seen by our dear partners during the confinement, the craze was impressive. New ambassadors were found in more than 25 countries such as the USA, Indonesia, Nigeria and even Chile. We have seen Brio Bleu Klein and Olympe Blanc Albâtre going to Japan for watch experts, Brio Vert Emeraude for a birth or to seal a wedding, of course Rive Gauche models for birthdays or the end of an internship, and finally a Brio Rouge to celebrate a promotion 😉

Just like all these anecdotes, many of you have been checking in with us, encouraging us and sharing your passions. Between a starred chef, a fighter pilot, a French sportsman, an artist, a collector, a designer, an entrepreneur, a student, a son, a mother, a wife, a promise, a husband, a father or just friends, Club Beaubleu is more and more dynamic, passionate and exciting. We are setting up the Beaubleu Circle where each ambassador will have the privilege to access secret contents and invitations.

The future of the House of Beaubleu is looking brighter and brighter and I am already challenged on the next creations and collections which – although highly anticipated – will see the light of day in 2022. Time for the team and the Circle to think about the future of poetic and singular watchmaking.

I would like to thank you sincerely for your unfailing support and your inspiring demands. Many Beaubleu Ambassadors praise the Maison aux aiguilles rondes, even in the middle of the Nevada desert.

Who would have thought that an editorial on 2020 could be positive.

So a huge thank you on behalf of the entire team.

Wishing you wonderful hours,


Hello to all,