When choosing a watch, the bracelet and its clasp system are to be taken into account. While the more classic pin buckle seduces with its simplicity, the folding clasp also has undeniable qualities. To help you see more clearly, let’s explore the specifics of these two types of closures.


The pin buckle is the classic clasp system most commonly found in watchmaking. Its principle is simple: just insert the metal rod in the hole of the bracelet corresponding to the size of the wrist. This buckle is suitable for all watches, except those with rigid steel bracelets. It is, thanks to its asserted sobriety, often acclaimed for its elegance and comfort. In addition, it adapts very well to all arms, even the smallest ones. It is, in fact, possible to adjust the size of the bracelet very precisely. However, it can wear out quickly since it is constantly used. This is the only drawback that we note with the pin buckle!

Boucle ardillon


The folding clasp is more sophisticated than the pin buckle. Indeed, it is articulated. The metal clasp unfolds when you open it and folds down when you want to attach the watch. It has the advantage of protecting it from any risk of accidental fall. Thus, if the bracelet opens unexpectedly, the two parties never separate. The main inconvenience of this buckle can be a certain discomfort because it is not necessarily well suited to very thin wrists. Note that there are two kinds of folding clasps for a watch:

These two clasp systems therefore each have their advantages and disadvantages. Now it’s up to you to decide which one best suits your tastes and desires!

The strap is essential for the enhancement of a quality watch. Leather is the most prized noble material to sublimate a watchband. To satisfy the aesthetic sense of each customer, Beaubleu offers different qualities of leather straps. Everyone will be able to find the style and the color that suits him.

The grained leather strap: elegance and discretion

Our genuine leather watchbands are entirely handmade and are easily interchangeable thanks to a flash pump system. You can match your bracelet to your outfit by choosing from our different models:

Bracelet montre Beaubleu Paris en cuir grainé cognac

The leather strap with alligator detail: sobriety and refinement

Easy to match with our automatic watches, these Italian leather straps end with an engraved folding clasp. Two shades are available to enhance your watch:

Beaubleu union collection blue leather watch strap

The leather watch strap detail teju green: a note of originality

This carefully crafted Italian leather strap will add a touch of originality to your watch. Like the other models, you will have the choice of a rose gold or steel folding clasp.

The limited editions: the patinated leather watchband

Beaubleu regularly offers limited series of 20 pieces of patinated leather bracelets. These bracelets are all made in France. The patina, made in our workshops, makes each model a unique piece.

Chaque modèle est synonyme de qualité et d’élégance intemporelle. N’hésitez pas à visiter notre boutique pour découvrir les nombreux modèles uniques qui s’offrent à vous.

Are you passionate about automatic watches? Beaubleu explains how automatic watches work and its know-how.

Beaubleu, the only idea of luxury

Beaubleu creates “beautiful”; watches designed with high quality materials. Beaubleu creates in “blue”; the color corresponding to the city of Paris. These two concepts are unified to make the product high-end.
At Beauleu, luxury is not abstract at all, but tangible.
The three collections offered are the “Vitruve”, the “Union” and the “B01”, which emphasize authenticity.
The watches have a very clean design, come in many colors, and have handmade Italian leather straps.
The design of the watches began in the brand’s Paris workshop. The French capital sets the scene for the brand’s know-how and uniqueness. On the one hand, Beaubleu watches stand out with their round hands. On the other hand, they are equipped with an automatic system.

Beaubleu, the automatic watch operation

The Beaubleu company attaches great importance to the aesthetics of its watches as well as to their operation. The automatic watch operation is its trademark.
The movement of the hands is driven by the Miyota 9015 automatic movement.
The Japanese city of Miyota developed its expertise after the Swiss trained the Japanese in the late 19th century. With their expertise, the Japanese watchmakers set up their manufacturing plant in 1959.
The operation of the automatic watch had a base, “Citizen Watch”.
The Miyota 9015 automatic movement is a guarantee of quality.

Our company is attached to French know-how and Japanese technicality. Our automatic watches for women and men are available. Take your luxury time with an exceptional automatic watch.

At Beaubleu, the watch for men is a “must have”. Combined with your favorite bracelet, it becomes a real fashion accessory or a piece of jewelry, essential to make your outfit impeccable.

At Beaubleu, where even the needles are round

Beaubleu is a reference when it comes to creativity and originality in men’s watches. If you want to get away from the classic lines of the “everyman” watch, our brand offers watches and their straps where the fineness of the details, the quality of the materials and the innovation give each of you the choice to define your own notion of time.

The choice of an automatic men’s watch band depends solely on you !

Preferred straps for men’s watches

Why not transform your watch? The Flash pumps that equip each of our automatic watches make it easy for you. Your sporty watch becomes an elegant and very innovative piece of jewelry to wear with a tuxedo or a fashion accessory coveted by everyone around you.

With the extreme originality of the dials and the roundness of its hands, each men’s watch strap is the link that connects your sensibility to our creativity. Before making a decision, you can ask yourself:

But you already have the answers !

Beaubleu gives you the opportunity to “take your time” and treat yourself with your favorite men’s watch bracelet. You will have on your wrist the watch of your dreams, the ideal jewel and the original fashion accessory.