From the hands to the case and the gimbal, Beaubleu offers a poetic alternative to traditional watchmaking. Between innovation and aestheticism, the famous blue watch questions and upsets our relationship with time.

A round watch case for a harmonious design

With its emblematic round hands and rounded watch case, the Beaubleu brand has made roundness a signature. The brand’s timepieces combine elegance and originality with that touch of non-conformism that makes all the difference. Beaubleu Paris has atypical characteristics:

The Beaubleu philosophy: a different relationship with time

Saint Augustine said: “If no one asks me what time is, I know what it is; if someone asks me and I want to explain it, I don’t know it anymore”.
Understanding time is far from being an easy exercise and sometimes goes beyond comprehension. How to conceive this mysterious reality which makes the past inaccessible, the present instantaneous and the future elusive?

In the world of watchmaking, where straight hands impose a unique and oriented reading of time, round hands and dial propose a new approach to temporality. Beaubleu watches challenge a whole watchmaking tradition that presents time as something controllable.

And yet, both complex and fascinating, our relationship with time is far from linear. It passes either too quickly or too slowly and, when we try to control it, it escapes us completely… The design of the blue watch underlines this complexity with grace and humility. Far from being content to simply indicate the time, the Beaubleu timepiece captures the moment, captures a moment as if to better tame the present.

Round hands and watch case… Beaubleu revisits for you the luxury watchmaking with harmony and elegance !

Do you want to stand out from the crowd by adding a subtle touch to your evening wear? Dare to wear an automatic women’s watch and make a small effect in society. The Beaubleu brand invites you to discover its selection of wristwatches with models for women and men, all of which are meticulously designed.

The automatic watch for women: sublime and elegant

A watch is the perfect accessory to enhance your style without going overboard. Paired with an elegant bag or your pumps, it helps you show your personality and gives you a charm that you just have to assume. At Beaubleu, we make a range of automatic women’s watches that combine functionality and design. Our accessories come in a variety of colors and finishes, but they all have a unique signature and distinctive round hands that enhance their originality. 

Why choose an automatic watch ?

For the confident and self-assured woman, our collection of automatic watches has been specially designed to meet all your requirements. The automatic watch is a very flexible accessory: it works without batteries and is recharged just when you wear it and carry out your ordinary activities (writing, driving, walking or doing sports). On the other hand, this accessory is also appreciated for its sleek and elegant look and for the touch of finesse that is given to its finishing. More than just a piece of jewelry, it is an accessory that will make you stand out wherever you go. 

Durability is also a major advantage of automatic watches: their creation requires manual work and solid expertise. This makes them even more authentic and full of life. Between classic models and watches with several options, all choices are possible. Beaubleu offers a wide collection of automatic watches for women. Don’t hesitate to contact us to take advantage of the advice of a professional.

The watch bracelet made its appearance in Vienna, Austria in 1878. It was then useful to have the watch on the wrist and to see the time easily on the dial. Today, it is also a real distinctive fashion accessory. It fulfills functions of practicality and elegance thanks to the various choices. Discover the different qualities of bracelets for your watches.

Your leather watchband: the ultimate luxury material

Leather is a noble material of quality whose possibilities make it possible to design watch straps for all tastes. It is the most appreciated material for its elegant, supple, solid and precious character. There is a wide range of leather straps.

Indeed, they are most often made :

Exotic materials are more rare, but offer additional distinctive qualities:

Your metal watchband, synonymous with durability

By choosing metal for your watch bracelet, you opt for the durability of your accessory, because it is very strong and water resistant. It is composed of links more or less large and numerous. For example, the flexibility and comfort of the bracelet can be found with the Milanese links.

You can have an assortment of materials that can be combined in the bracelet :

Your silicone watchband, a sign of simplicity

Silicone is a plastic material that is very popular with young people and sportsmen for their watch straps. This type of bracelet represents dynamism, freshness and simplicity. In addition, it offers a wide range of customization possibilities at a lower cost with different patterns and shapes. Beyond its aesthetic qualities, it is tearproof, robust and resistant to water and heat.

Men’s watches always bring an element of chic, elevating the style of an outfit with simplicity and elegance. They represent a point of perspective and every detail of the outfit can be thought of to match it. We can list three steps to take into account when choosing your watch to match perfectly with your suit :

A man’s watch: a question of proportion

In order to choose a watch that will fit both your wrist and your choice of suit, it is essential to choose a dial of the right size. This way, your men’s watch will fit elegantly on your shirt wrist, without creating unsightly creases on your forearm. However, it is also essential to take into account your personal preferences and to choose according to your tastes. The key is to choose a dial size that is proportional to the diameter of your wrist. Our store also offers a wide range of models that will delight all sensibilities.

Think about color matching

In fashion, everything often comes down to a question of matching materials and colors. Not all materials go together and it is important to pay attention to this so as not to risk a cacophony of colors, it is preferable to choose the strap of your man’s watch in neutral tones (black, brown, navy blue). The interchangeable straps of our collections are a perfect accessory to adapt your watch to both your suits and your moods.

Among the neutral colors that will suit all your outfits with refinement, you can find in our collections, among others, the models of bracelets Caiman Black, Cognac Grainé or Gris Grainé.

Dare to be extravagant !

Nevertheless, it is no less elegant to use your man’s watch as a touch of color to create dimension and dynamism in your outfit. For example, the Union Collection’s Teju Green Italian leather strap can add a touch of extravagance to your suit while maintaining an elegant look through the use of quality materials.

To ensure the proper functioning of the automatic watch, knowing the characteristics of its maintenance, but also of its workings is fundamental. Usually, automatic watches are wound spontaneously by wrist movements. But in some cases, the watch may need to be wound manually.

How to wind up an automatic watch ?

Discover in detail the functioning of the automatic watch. Although they are called “automatic”, it is possible to wind them like mechanical watches.

Winding an automatic watch manually

In order to preserve the proper functioning of the automatic watch, you will need to wind it up if it is not worn on your wrist for more than 24 hours. If this happens, there are a few steps to follow :

  1. The watch is never wound with it on your wrist. It must be held in one hand to ensure that it can be wound with the other hand.
  2. Once the crown is pushed in, simply turn it clockwise.
  3. The crown locks automatically as soon as winding is complete.

But not all automatic watches have the same calibration. The manufacturer will give you the best advice, because each automatic watch is unique and some need to be wound more often than others.

Winding an automatic watch with a winder

The second solution, which is the easiest, is to wind the watch using a winder. The winding of the watch is automatic since the winder will turn the watch on itself in order to activate the internal rotor contained in it.

When to wind a watch ?

Some watches (especially older watches) have what is called the death zone. This is simply a period of time (often between 9pm and 3am) during which they cannot be wound and their mechanism may be affected.

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