The watch, composed of a case and a dial, is an instrument that measures time and is part of the daily life of many men, women and even children. Available in different models, prices and quality, depending on the brand, it has the advantage of being movable without its operation being altered. However, there are different types of movements, namely automatic and mechanical. Let’s see what the difference is between these two types of watches.

The automatic watch

The watch with automatic movement has a mechanical dial which is wound using a very special mechanism. Indeed, the barrel spring, located in the case, rewinds itself thanks to the movements made by the wearer of the watch. These movements store enough energy to keep the watch running.

The watch with automatic movement is generally very appreciated for its quality parts. Slightly less precise than the quartz watch, its power reserve is variable, as it has no battery or electronic element. With a very simple winding, its life span is excellent and it often has an excellent quality-price ratio. Described as ecological and alive, it is adulated in watchmaking, because its reading is facilitated by a linear design and a very fluid movement of the hands. Its date and time display are very aesthetic thanks to the small jumps of the second hand and the movements of the wrist.

The mechanical watch

The watch with mechanical movement finds its energy in the spring wound in the barrel. The winding is done manually thanks to the movements that the wearer of the watch will make at the level of his wrist and more precisely by one or more turns of his crown.

The watch with a mechanical movement is the most classic model. Its dynamics are based on the movements of the barrel spring, the escapement and the regulating organ. Requiring no batteries to operate, it is more sensitive than a quartz watch. It requires regular maintenance to avoid damage over time.

The advantages and disadvantages of these types of watches

The watch with automatic movement :

The watch with mechanical movement :

Beaubleu Paris dual time Vitruve GMT Blue round hands automatic watch

Nowadays, the Miyota movement is certainly the most famous Japanese watch movement in the world. Renowned for its reliability and sturdiness, it also offers an excellent quality/price ratio. Discover the little-known history of this essential movement !

The origin of the Miyota movement: CITIZEN Watch Co.

When, at the end of the 19th century, Japan finally opened up to international trade after centuries of isolation, the Japanese began to learn about watchmaking from the Swiss. Very quickly, Japanese watchmakers became specialists and developed their own watchmaking industry. In 1918, the CITIZEN company (which became Citizen Watch Co. in 1930) was founded. This company gradually became a pioneer in the development of new movements through its “Miyota” branch, established in the 1950s in the city of the same name.

Article | mouvement Miyota 9015 VS ETA 2824

The Miyota movement in a few dates

Reliable movements for your Beaubleu watch

For the past 40 years, Miyota movements have been highly prized for their great precision and their interesting price/quality ratio. For this reason, they are used by many watch brands throughout the world. Beaubleu, which favors high-quality materials, has thus decided to equip its watches from 2017 with the revolutionary Miyota 9015 movement to guarantee you reliability and robustness.

Article Miyota 9015

There comes a time when we are in a hurry to remove our watches. To open and close your watch in two movements, a special clasp is provided. Speed, strength and style are the characteristics of the folding clasp. But what are the qualities of this system ?

Which version of the folding clasp to choose ?

Generally used for watches with metal bracelets (steel, gold), folding clasps are equipped with a safety clasp that prevents the loss of your watch in case of accidental opening. Very sophisticated, they can be adjusted to your wrist provided you choose the right size which is between 16 and 24 mm.

There are two types of deployment buckles:

Bracelet montre Beaubleu Paris en cuir grainé cognac

Only advantages for the fans of the folding buckle !

The deployment buckle has several advantages :

On the other hand, leather offers a more traditional look to your watch. Thanks to our selection of interchangeable leather straps, you can also easily change it according to your mood and needs !

Bracelets en cuir manufacture Sibra
Bracelets en cuir manufacture Sibra